Coinbase to pause ethereum transactions during merge

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Yahoo Finance Live anchors discuss Coinbase’s decision to temporarily pause new ethereum deposits and withdrawals during its merge expected sometime in September.
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Fadia Mendez says:

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Highlighted MMA says:

It’s to avoid pump and dump! They don’t want people to buy low and sale high. They don’t care about scams or anybody. It’s 100% to protect them

Christopher Lellis says:

Proof of stake is the doom of cryptocurrency. It will cause intense centralization, and whoever owns enough of the cryptocurrency will have totalitarian control of the blockchain. They could flip your address off like a light switch, that easily. All of your funds useless. If it is a political enemy that has control of the government, they will be able to completely shut out your funds effortlessly. They will just start blocking and stealing people's money. It would be absolutely devastating. As soon as a regime has access to proof of stake blockchain technology and starts buying up the coins, the will have one of the most effective and terrible weapons ever conceived of.

MoeDewey81 says:

To combat pump and dump. Unfortunately people will sell right before or right after the merger.

Richard Arce says:

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DMS says:

Every exchange has to pause during a merge…

CryptoMuhu says:

This is a useless video. The stock performance has nothing to do with the merger

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