CON MAN Laughs at Bitcoin On CNBC | Grayscale's HUGE BTC Purchase

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Alan Leung says:

Just as BTC is based on perceived value, stocks are based on the trust placed on the regulatory system preventing fraud. All we need is an Enron 2.0 to get people flocking to gold/btc again.

jeff nowak aka Tony - Irrational Exuberance says:

Great video and saw another one of yours, very informative……..keep up the good work

AnEclecticSoul says:

Institutions don’t FOMO. They’re loading their boats, driving price up, and will sell off in the middle of the night and cause the market to dump when everyone least expects it.

Faz Spg says:

greater fool theory is such a poor argument against bitcoin isnt it?

Faz Spg says:

Thank you George I enjoyed this one

Equibit Gaming says:

Gold is the largest project on the face of the earth, it should be on that list

tigeroll says:

Got a question about crypto's. Do you have to pay capital gains taxes when for instance you buy Bitcoin at 200 and now sell it at $20,000.00 per share.

william whitmore says:

Bitcoin Also gives us access to to innovated blockchain projects through pairing. That is a currency. buying something of value with BTC.

maria I says:

The level of defensive comments on this channel is comical. There is NO perspective just "irrational exuberance" you cryptophiles take any negative comments way too personally.

Bitcoin, stocks, commodities..etc

In markets there is always opportunity ALWAYS.

Sammy Davis says:

This guy used to work at Merrill Lynch. That scandal during the dotcom bubble made him disappear for awhile, only to reappear years later on CNBC.

robin muirhead says:

Peter is the best Comedian ! BTW thanks for the content man

Joe says:

Iwas sitting with some very smart people and they said you got to check out Bitcoin. So I didnt. It can go to a million and everybody who has invested and held make money. I can see why you do not want to buy it. Fiat is not backed by anything. Interesting.

damnright4 says:

George!! someone is using your CRU emblem for what I think is most deffinetly a scam…..

Aastan says:

I was looking at Nexo (Platform and their token). Could you do a segment on it good or bad?

choski76 says:

microstrategy bought $475 mil btc OTC and didn't move the market. coinbase "facilitated" their buy

Sw H says:

Yes, Henry disappeared when the tech bubble popped. Because he was pumping at that time. Now he’s back smarter then ever. So true con man

GSD 4 Life says:

Hahaha “GREAT POINT” Peter schiff bragging about recommending Gold at $400 that must of been what 15 years ago? BTC was $400 about 4 years ago. Um 🤔 today Gold is $1881 and BTC is $23k which one should I have bought? Peters answer Gold ( he’s a moron) Peter boy didn’t get Michael Saylor’s memo “99% of the people won’t understand what he “ Michael Saylor “ Just said

TheMasterBreaker says:


NeoKailthas says:

Put live in the title so people know you are live. Should help with the numbers

Bris Vegas says:

Hey George, you should interview Craig Wright.

cryptoarcanum says:

Also adding to that George, is that most of the blue chip stocks, ie TSLA are trading for so many times multiples of earnings or projected earnings, that they're no longer based in reality, making it more speculative than ever and the greater fool applies even more so to stocks at this point..So I don't know why he even used stocks as an example of having intrinsic value… once that house of cards comes down it will be tech bust 2.0 and many will be left holding their bags.. Anyway love your videos, keep up the great work!

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