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In this collaboration with Bitboy, we discuss Bitcoin, our favorite altcoins, and we debate about Litecoin.

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CryptosRUs says:

⚠️Exclusive Crypto Content

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洪偉豪 says:

You are a gem

Jeremy Chang says:

This was great!

許姿盈 says:

You are a gem

Anna Teh says:

I’ve never seen anyone do it better

Suphitcha Bandit says:

2 of cryptos most wanted lol

Shakor’s Life says:

LTC HIT $400 today 😎

Achraf Ahmadan says:

God bless THE George!!!!!

John Cool says:

All Time High for LTC

Dec 19, 2017 (3 years ago) $375.29.

Unknown Spirit says:

sell high buy low he was smart

Lynden Graham says:

We are George and Bitboy

2fer one says:

That would be like Elon dumping his Tesla shares to avoid scrutiny when he makes comments about Tesla on say Twitter? Wait didn't the regulators have something to say about that? Yeah lol. You must think your audience doesn't have an internet connection. Interesting stuff for a guy that named their channel after a failed toy store. I guess everyone is a critic huh.

Wizard Ambrose • 61 years ago says:

Shame on Litecoin for hacking Couriway

Seekah says:

9:35 Pull Out Game Prep Talk

Wouter Suren says:

At first I couldn't believe the thumbnail: is he really giving Bitboy air time on his own channel??? Why pollute the channel? Bitboy's reputation online has been negative, on many online forums and consistently over time. I hope most new ppl following this channel stay away from Bitboy. Many other influencers that have a better rep.

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