Crypto Collapse Soon? (Sell or Hodl?) – Beginners’ Guide

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This is the third video of a beginners’ guide where we will break down step-by-step how the traditional financial system is structured, how the cryptocurrency market is structured, what stablecoins are, their role in the cryptocurrency market, and why stablecoins will both drive massive global adoption of cryptocurrencies, while also potentially threatening mass global adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Our goal by the end of this video series is for us to understand the traditional financial system’s relationship with the cryptocurrency market, and if a crypto collapse can happen, how and when it could happen, and what we can do to protect ourselves as investors in the space.

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======== VIDEO SUMMARY ========

00:00 – Introduction
01:37 – Recap
02:44 – Tether vs Lehman Brothers
04:35 – Tether’s Majority Holders
06:27 – Tether in Trading
07:22 – How Margin & Leverage Trading Works in Crypto
10:25 – Tether Printing
12:45 – How & When a Crypto Collapse Could Happen
16:31 – Worst Case Scenario: Crypto Collapse
20:40 – Crypto Casey’s Play
23:14 – Outro


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DrLuke onCall says:

🐻 ish indeed! Let’s see 😳

Johnny Deep says:

Ethereum down 65% Bitcoin down 60% Litecoin 80% that's not a crash to you??

Sam says:

I lost concentration for a second there Casey. But I think you said "buy more crypto"

Tommy White says:

Sounds like people placed their money in an unstable coin because of the market manipulation with bitcoin. Time to put your money back in bitcoin,

Jason Doe says:

Wow quite the analysis Casey and a shocking set of realities presented with graphics that far exceed those on television "news". Who knew digital assets printed from this air could be as unstable as fiat ones!?
You neglected to mention the huge events which are unfolding right now in ETH, DOT and ADA not to mention others like HEX. Surely the immense hype therein can get us at least into October? Troubling times…

EzDean Fassassi says:

USDC it is! 😂

Sandy Shoals says:

Hmmm. A cardhouse built atop an outhouse. Just great. Can't wait til we fall in the shit.

ThoseBears says:

The scariest video I've heard in over 4 years in the market

Bhanu Jindal says:

These youtubers first made you buy everything at any price giving you dream targets. And now that all the dreams have fallen on your heads wiping out so much of your hard earned money, these youtubers have started to do what they should have from the start I.e. Educate. Save yourself and educate yourself before putting money in anything and never be greedy.

rar0uni says:

Im a miner so I will be in the market for the rest of my life….70% hold 10% sell 20% for my son.

Mark Whittaker says:

So is there an exchange that we can trust?

Zerava Los says:

Crypto Goddess, thanks for enlightening those of us who are crypto-challenged. Your delivery of info in this series is masterful.

Crom CCCXVI says:

Lol.. I was having this weird feeling a while ago, my Ledger arrives on Wednesday.. I hope I make it that far

Jacob Wilson says:

15:50 Tether hasn't printed/minted anything for a while… I know now you did 0 research. Total FUD video for clicks I guess. And I thought you were actually trying, even though I had to ignore a few things in the first video that were also factually incorrect. This just puts a final nail in the coffin for me. Go back to appearing on Ran's show, that way I can ignore you all collectively.

David Raven says:

Thank you, for your intuitive trilogy. Very instructive. I love it when you pick your brain for us. You are a true resource. I am in Crypto for the long haul. 😎

Crom CCCXVI says:

Having trouble fully grasping this… sounds like everything is artificially inflated by "Fiat Tether".. I'm wondering what this means for exchanges and people that have their assets there…. I'm not selling off, but I do think I want to move the assets I wish to keep into Cold Storage

TurntableThoughts says:

😆……WHALE GAMES TO THE MAX for MATIC….I caught em red handed…..they accidentally gave their position away yesterday at about 6pm Pacific Time 7/17/21…Matic almost killed everybody….they missed their suppression….and the Crypto God's gave me the eyes to see….
…..Top 5 coin once were out of the 🧸…..In the words of Doc Brown…When polygon hits 88 mph….your gonna see some serious 💩……

H0DL THE D0R says:

Save us Casey!

Derek C Howie Howie C Howie says:

Mount Maunganui , New Zealand , The Jewel of the South Pacific Crypto Casey magic Team , B with us we pray , for a better Future & World , in need & Homeless ,

WK Kohl says:

Great content Casey. Get some sleep chicka…

Kris says:

Hm thats quite a coverage. Lots of variables. Tether fud has been around since its inception. You want to know "what the heck is going on?" We'll never know. One thing we know, this video is 100% hypothetical theories. If lightening strikes, prepare your self. 😅 Good luck🤙🏻

JLR0D13 says:

Very interesting. What about —> 2 USDC

Nidge Morphie says:

That's why you should always use shit coins for buying more Bitcoins

fred f says:

Of the entire stock market is propped up by debt The entire financial system is propped up by debt this is nothing new

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