CRYPTO … For Noobs

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Crypto is the newest character in Apex Legends and with him is a wild new Season that came with a NEW MAP, GUN, and MUCH MORE. He’s been hacking the game for a while, but now let’s learn how to hack the competition with him!


Thumbnail by Mahnster Art:

The Intro song for this video is “I Think I’m Normal” by Carter Ace
Check him out here:

Shout out to my cousins for helping me with the intro, check them out:

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Macro says:

E.M.P. drone stands for:

Politely asks you to follow him on Twitter @theMacroShow


TimelapsePro says:

Success with Qubittech today! 250% Profit on Crypto

Hovan Engels says:

Mirage for noobs 2.0

Mr SelfMan says:

2:17 laughs in S4 and 6 WE and S7 Olympus

alex aseri says:

Crypto is for everyone

Hack successful says:

Is Eddie Murphy real??!!


Macro if you still you use Crypto you can rez teammates while you can get the banner and you can also ping items

Wewli Lol says:

Crypto is so edgy

Kin Digital Money says:

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Golden Diamond says:

The new gun is a copy from Titan fall 2

ArctikTV says:

this series is awesome dude


I thin'k crypto live's in japan tho

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