Crypto markets in free fall! LIVE SHOW!

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Just watching the markets like usual! Today, the markets are heading down!


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Jake Peters says:

hey Ben, just an idea. You could collect some ideas about what to talk about from your viewers at the beginning. Then you could start a poll and let the viewers decide what to talk about. Its just a suggestion to make life easier for you but other then that i'm highly impressed of your content and have been following some months now. Keep up the good work 😉

EdgeHunter says:

Great voice or reason when emotions are all over the place. Always a good listen Ben.

Ben Riggan says:

Thanks for the efforts Benjamin

Alex Morgan says:

So glad I threw all my life savings into alt coins expecting some late december moonshot! 😛

totalfreedom45 says:

Rolling Stones on rock and roll: I said I know it's only rock 'n' roll but I like it…
Peter Schiff on bitcoin: I said I know bitcoin is only a Ponzi scheme but I like it. 😂

Boomer Plays Games says:

Bitcoin is perfectly fine though?

Ismael Cerra Prieto says:

the so called christmas sales, hurry and fill your bags before they are sold out

ghassan M says:

Happy Hanukkah

Jeffry Ulmer says:

“What’s a few trillion dollars among friends.”

PiethagorasTearem says:

How is this free fall? They just went back where they started a few days ago.

Full Circle Productions says:

Check out SYNC its charging, tiny marketcap

Trevor de Koekkoek says:

Analysis is faulty regarding ETH. Over the last 6 months as well as over the last year, even given this current dip, ETH has outperformed Bitcoin.

Byron Espinosa says:

On sale? Wait for the 28th you'll see.

Daniel Khong says:

Seems like Dr Benjamin’s live stream stopped the dump too ✌🏻✌🏻👍🏻

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