"Crypto Will EXPLODE In 2023, Here's Why" Cathie Wood Latest Crypto Prediction

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“Crypto Will EXPLODE In 2023, Here’s Why” Cathie Wood Latest Crypto Prediction

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Contrarian investor and ARK invest CEO Cathie Wood in her latest interview gives her take on the Banking crisis currently affecting Credit Suisse, first republic, silicone valley bank and Silver gate.

Being one of the first institutional investors to publicly cover and invest into bitcoin and ethereum, cathie was extremely fast to point out that the current crisis going on in the banking sector only shines a light on the positives of cryptocurrency.

Despite 2022 seeing far worse failures from crucial actors in the cryptocurrency space, such as FTX, Terra Luna, Celsius and BlockFi, the underlying infrastructure and block chain transactions never once faltered or skipped a beat. this is a far cry away from the banking system in which the GOVERNmEnT is needed to step in and backstop banks just so depositors can even have access to their money.

Make sure to stick around to the end of the video where Cathie breaks down why she believes everyone in the finance world has got it wrong and what we are about to see play out is DEFLATION and a swift FED pivot as opposed to inflation and further tightening – a call she has been making for months now.

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free man says:

Wackadoodle. Even a clock is right twice a day.

Patmagic says:

The biggest factor propelling crypto is the cultural avoidance of responsibility and the government enabling it. There are no consequences for anything and the free market is censored and blocked every time.

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Amen 🙏

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True Life says:

Lets get this straight…. Bitcoin is being pushed by some of the largest Hedge fund managers….. Banks are failing, the dollar is losing value etc…. Bitcoin went from 65k down to 15k last year PERIOD….. How is that safe…. That would be like the American dollar being worth 25 cents. Yes big Bank ceo's and politicians are greedy and corrupt…. But how can people trust this shady currency….

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Abdullah Razali says:

The Fed will acknowledge that they were late to the game, that inflation has been more persistent than they were expecting. So they probably should have tightened sooner, Some analysts believe that the larger banks are resilient and are more worried about the smaller and mid-sized banks. Well, I'm still at a crossroads deciding if to liquidate my $138k stock portfolio, what’s the best way to take advantage of this bear market?

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