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Meet Kevin says:

On ETH: I should clarify, it WAS deflationary for about an hour after the fork. Stable’ish now

Cookin’ with Crisco says:

Pretty clear what’s happening. Hedgies are pumping and dumping crypto to make money bc they’ve shorted amc and gme and many others. Anyone buying in to crypto just be aware they’re taking your money and most likely to continue shorting stocks that you’re invested in. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Eduardo Rosa says:

Hey Kevin, look into XRP

Sheldon Haynes says:

Yo Kevin, you need to swap your ADA for Harmony One 🙈

Rox Williams says:

<🌈Thanks for the educative video⭐I still see cryptocurrency as one of the best digital investment and i totally love the technology when it comes to the largest crypt0 asset Bitcoin .As a trader, i have been able to understand that there are two sides when it comes to crypt0 and everyone has their 0pinions when it comes to choosing sides, though i am not kicking against, but i see it as an old and odd strategy to make profit of the market as when the market goes bearish investors/traders loses their investment which is always painful, when you can take advantage of the market by involving in day trading or copying trade alert from a professional trader that understand the market and use strategy to generate signals daily to make profit to grow your portfolio as i have been trading with Mrs Lois Jones Brown for the past 5 weeks and i have been able to grow my initial 1 btc to 6.8 btc with her trade signals which is much better/profitable. Mrs Lois Jones Brown is so good that I can attest to the accuracy of her trαde s!gnαls which is why I would recommend her for any trαder looking to stay profitable.She runs a program for serious minded investor/newbies who are curious to earn from b!tcoin regardless of the current pr!ce chart. You can easily get_to Mrs Lois J Brown on Ͳҽ Ӏҽ ցɾąʍ @Loisjones6 <<

Kickwest says:

hopefully voters dont see this you sound dumb

Al Hip says:

Great video as usual 👌, please keep up the good work 🙏. If California doesn't recognize a good candidate for governor, Florida is in desperate need of a candidate like you !!!!

Jacob Van Veit says:

CBDC is hinted at using XRP. Heard it from a little birdie! There is a reason XRP is locked up in court litigation.

R Vaughan says:

Hey Kevin, great info as always. One question tho. How do you feel about Blackrock Inc controlling the housing market thru owning HGTV and real estate thru select cities throughout the entire US? Literally buying up key real estate then renting it out back to us and upsetting landlords…. How do you feel about this man? LOL

David Z says:

very dane cook of you to rewind back to grade school teachers lol

Wilson says:

Are you going to be on the iced coffee hour podcast again? Meet Kevin for the 69th ever episode would be awesome!

K man says:

Friday nights off? 6 minute vid? How dare you George!

Simon Krumbein says:

I would love to hear your opinion on the infrastructure plan and proposals to fund by taxing crypto brokers

Shop Class says:

If you think this is a pump wait for pulse chain to launch!

Bird Of Passage says:

To be honest I still have a lot of uncertainty about crypto. I will happily piggyback it in th %0.5-%1 of my portfolio that I do short term trades in the form of these derivatives like trusts and brokers but I have very limited confidence in holding it long term

Derrick Rodgers says:

Hey Kevin :). I don’t think I’ve ever heard you speak this fast before. Did you drink a full pot of coffee before filming this video? lol

David Z says:

Bottom line: There are less coins everyday. Buy while you can

lilsabin says:

Lol , even shiba inu and doge coin are going up 🤣🤣

Danny South91 says:

No more stimulus check updates?

David Z says:

I bought at the top as usual

Lone Sharp says:

Let me get some of the Adderall my friend!!! JK 😉

AdustyDaYnthePNW says:

If kevin is nibbling at crypto, than Im seriously only holding crumbs 😑

Dave Love says:

OK… wtf is a lockup?

Brutewarrior says:

Killing it on MARA Leaps I bought at the bottom. Even cut cost basis by 50% on my short legs. Don't forget picks and shovels folks.

Brenda Brenda says:

Talk about the crypto regulations snuck into the infrastructure bill!!!!

Gergely Sipos says:

when is the next inflection point? Inflation report in August?

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