Cryptocurrencies: What are they good for?

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Cryptocurrencies: What are they good for?
Watch the 2021 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting on YouTube:

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steven dosanjh says:

How surprising that the establishment does not want something that threatens there grip on wealth and power.
Why don't they discuss the open insider trading that they all take part in? Just because its open doesn't make it right.

Mike Staub says:

Our representatives are embarrassing non-technical. This is unacceptable in 2021.

Aleks One says:

these are not the right people to discuss blockchain, crypto and bitcoin. they are the people who are running this corrupt financial system ffs!

Grant Inscoe says:

Term limits. Because unlimited terms leaves us at the whim of corrupt politicians pretending to act in the best interest of their constituents.

MaRINoL says:

Warren is a clueless fool. Warren needs to step down. I want her out.

TheDrdressup says:

Unbelievable cringe. Coders do not control Bitcoin. Every single user chooses what to run. Coders almost work for the people (the nodes) because their work has to be manually accepted by each user running the Bitcoin software. It's almost to the opposite extent where it can be hard to ever pass a change that isn't almost objectively good, like taproot.

Guille William says:

Nothing to see here gentleman, Mrs Warren wants to be the emperor handling your money. She will take care of it all and provide better security, privacy and pinky promise she will not print more money.

Anderson George says:

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Zachery Fraser says:


What I learnt today says:

@1:19:54 ROFL!

HeyzoosChristo LovesU says:

Shiba Inu. The meme crypto millionaire opportunity . Millionaires will be made. If you missed out on Doge, here's your next ride and risky speculation opportunity. All aboard !!!

Samir Ould-Ali says:

MeV is being tackled as we speak through Alchemist coin proving a system to protect from maximum extracting value…DeFi is providing for it!

RelaxingFinance says:

"Bitcoin is commodity." What the f is this world come to? lol. You can't eat it idiot.

Torite Thoraiys says:

So called crypto expert calls Ethereum a "Proof of Work" system like Bitcoin. Uhhhm no sweety, bless your heart. Ethereum is "Proof of Stake" and quite different from Bitcoin.

Samir Ould-Ali says:

China is expelling BTC miners 😊 but they are expanding the ETH mining operations 🙄

Torite Thoraiys says:


48:15 (bookmark)

Jonny P says:

Give Ripple/XRP regulatory clarity – job done .

Torite Thoraiys says:

3:55 woman comes in tight fisting the Glock

Samir Ould-Ali says:

Is this a HOAX? Please dear sir puppet master…please send your head of crypto currency propaganda to hell! The story sucks and is not believable anymore…it just don’t make sense anymore! Everyone is benefiting from crypto while you and your billionaire cronies are loosing grip on power! Do something about it please! At least TRY to give us a CBCc in a few months…so you can at least interface with us Lemmings that have toiled so hard to come to this point…yours …lemming number 13599654907321!

Emanuel Chat says:

Blockhain tied to social security number and tax dollars to verify voting and funding

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