Cryptocurrency Crash! – Altcoins Will Make Millionaires In 2021

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The Daily Doge says:

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Tim Rollins says:

Why did they delete channel instead of giving a copystrike?


No one cares what you buy or when bud

Lennox Fountain says:

SHIB Summer.
Summer of SHIBA.

Max Clig says:

Trading crypto has become a lucrative way of making money

J Mora says:

Check out the big squeeze that’s comin. No paper hands. Hold with them 💎🤲. 🦍🦍🚀

Christian Palomino says:

Why you didn't talked about Dogecoin or recommended to invest in Dogecoin??
Is that am altcoin, you don't believe in?

Shaikh Nawaz says:

Altcoin 🔥

Valentino says:

Give us more dips and peaks, so we all can expand out crypto positions 🚀

R Mo says:

Or just buy some matic now…..

Alicia Gardner-Anderson says:

Buy the Dip…….
People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Dogecoin as it's retracing….BE WISE

L says:

Isn’t Ethereum also unlimited supply?

Sad Lincoln says:


Dante Rox says:

Dogecoin 1.21 Update comes soon… To the Moooooon!

Antonio Olivardía says:


Adil says:

Btc to 100k in 2022

Adil says:


Agi Georgiou says:

Thanks bro very good video 👍 what do you recommend I invest more money in?

khadir abdellah says:

you know what does it mean living in Africa ! we got like 2 to 3$ per day at work but i still invest and hold my crypto even if its so hard to see your portfolio getting down and down… thank u for the support i really love the content you provide.

Mohsin Patani says:

Bro it will crash again or it will rise

nonscience vibes says:

Hello sir ❤️ from india

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