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The crypto market took an absolute crash in the past few days. Often times corrections are called a “crash” but this one was truly intense. Market resets are healthy to regulate a market to a more reasonable valuation. Today I will go over some reasons I think this happened surrounding crypto news, and some technical factors that will allow us to gauge new entries and potential dip buy levels on major pairs.

Video Chapters:
0:00​ – Intro
1:01 – Catalysts For Pullback
5:40 – BTC ETH ADA Technical Review
12:00 – Technical Entries
16:41 – Summary

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Craig Percoco says:

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lamissdu63700 says:

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Quintana Luiz says:

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Bonner says:

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Alex Meyer says:

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James Ossai says:

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HatinTheSwagHUH 757 says:

One the best videos I’ve watched
Listening to you as a new investor I know I fucked up and panicked n sold it all

Be Legendary says:

what software do you use now? still the same as before?

Stella Wilson says:

good time to invest in Gold and crypto

Bernard Camp says:

Elon Musk. He is just an unscrupulous with lack of character individual abusing his sheeps

Jom Dudding says:


notorioussaint13 says:

Please advice: should I hold my ankr and algo?

Jack Out The Box says:

You need more subs bro, your content is very valuable. Thanks 🙂 God bless.

TedLivinLife says:

Where does this guy post his technical analysis? It’s not on YouTube he barely upload any videos so he must have another social platforms somewhere talking about the technicals. Anyone know?

Puppy Coin says:

Don’t panick. I bought CAKE now smiling

Jesse Hatcher says:

Thanks, I really like your opinion on crypto

PatriciaHarmon says:

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JR Catolico says:

I’m confident and enjoyed the crazy ride in crypto space. I got a good plan🤣

Wally Wildin says:

They say crash, I say buy 🤷🏻‍♂️

Zümra Aydoğdu says:

I missed the great dip and now I'm waiting for a second dip lol congrats the ones who used this opportunity

HaryBackMary says:

Where did you get your shirt? Nice.

Hector Dwight says:

Just bought $2000 worth of doge and $16000 btc. With the recent dump in btc I was told its the right time to buy and get ready for a skyrocket. Btc and doge to the moon🚀🚀

b4s51j1n says:

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ryan faust says:

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Kyle says:

What are your thoughts on NANO?

Wendy Moris says:

Bitcoin trading nowadays is a big chance to make money.

eric allen says:

Nice video. I really do enjoy your content!! I always learn so much. Keep it up!! Looks like you got some sun!!

Traveling detector says:


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