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0:00 – Intro
4:54 – PayPal now allows crypto spending at millions of merchants
7:57 – Superchat Questions
11:58 – Audience Questions
14:40 – My “Take Profits” Strategy
16:40 – Chipotle Bitcoin News!
18:42 – Superchat Altcoin Picks
19:52 – Q2 is usually bullish for Crypto
21:21 – Audience Questions (Looking at altcoins)
25:35 – Cardano News
27:00 – Will Altcoin Outperform Bitcoin?
30:00 – Superchat: funny website for crypto influencers
30:33 – Eth 2.0 News
31:35 – Ethereum is VERY DIFFERENT from 2 years ago.
33:50 – Audience Questions (Looking at altcoins)
34:33 – Bullish on privacy coins?
39:28 – Audience Questions (Looking at altcoins)
40:32 –
42:13 – NFTs Are Coming to Polkadot as Kusama
42:28 – Coinbase hires former SEC Director! Will Go public VERY SOON!
43:05 – ECOMI OMI
44:30 – Audience Questions (Looking at altcoins)
45:00 – Cardano discussion
48:00 – Looking up Altcoins (for rest of video) and Q&A!

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**Note: My overall opinion is that the name of the game is to accumulate as much Bitcoin as possible. Alts are interesting but a lot more speculative. I use them to accumulate more Bitcoin.


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Altcoin Daily, the best cryptocurrency news media online!

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Most of my crypto portfolio is Bitcoin, then Ethereum, but I hold many cryptocurrencies, possibly ones discussed in this video.

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No Collar Crypto says:

Been subbed since 2018. Didnt catch it live. Liked. Thank you for everything these last 3 years.

love2seeusmile says:

What a highly overated channel yeesh, at least based on the first 20 of this stream.. must be doing something right to get this many subs, but based on this stream? couldn't make it through the first 20, little to no info or insight on any Alt mentioned, mainly just a shoutout, & spent majority sucking D for likes over and over even before providing any value..

chris lanier says:

It's surprising that when people talk about DeFi, they never talk about Reggie Middleton and Veritasium; the DeFi platform so disruptive the Feds decided it shouldn't exist.

root-kwt says:

1080p ~ 1440p is required please

Tomcast says:

The Ada decentralization question was answered incorrectly. Saying that it's "too nuanced" to be answered is someone who is unsure of the correct answer but afraid to just say he doesn't know. Then saying that because bitcoin and eth are larger, they have more issues to solve before becoming 100% truly dentralized, does not change the fact that cardano is already thre already. Of course its more decentralized, and being smaller made it easier. Recognizing big achievements by alts other than eth is not blasphemy. Some day their youtube channel will look like a version of the two old grumpy guys from the Muppets.

Stevie Dalpe says:

XMR or ARRR will be the safe haven once governments start tracking all your transactions on the blockchain Bitcoin noobs will flee

Tomcast says:

I don't know if there is anything sadder than listening to someone who knows this stuff so well and who gives such amazing insights , to hear that he doesn't have the confidence to do what his analysis says is the right thing.. he looks and thinks and makes amazing predictions, then says "Id hate to have to pay the cg taxes" LOL. that's like refusing to cash in a winning lottery ticket because 45% comes off the top for taxes. In investing the longer you have to keep money in the market,, the more risk you can afford to take.. the result should be bigger and more wins,, and some losses too,, but at the end a LOT more earnings..
Every once in awhile their lack of actual investment training & tax minimization planning and education leads them to give truly bad advice. It's a great example of why they must disclose they aren't licensed advisors. He basically said "I never would've bought alphabet, amazon, or Facebook stock because t bills and bonds are safer. Grow a pair and follow your own advice! These early years will be the opportunity you'll never get again o I just can't get past what A lack of confidence he has in his own ability, but feels fine telling us to try it. Once crypto is considered mainstream (and that would only take 10-15% of the pop to own ANY amount of cryptocurrency.) 20x years will be truly rare, especially if you're trying to basically get 10-20x with what will be the crypto version of a T Bill. I used to talk about a common sense analogy that observed "if a chef won't eat his own food then you should not eat at the restaurant"

Moi 1966 says:

ADA will be huge in the future. And no Eth will not outperform Bitcoin.

NWforager says:

the 1st IS BURRITO DAY . Not an APRIL FOOLS JOKE . get free lunch somewhere

FiVibe says:

Wanchain partnership news with 3rd largest company in world?

Miracle Generator says:

You don't understand MEME because you're not an artist. Meme is an online digital art showroom with famous digital artists selling their creations. Much of life has gone online, including art.

Hanz O says:

Yo homies great content! Nuggets are going to smoke your Lakers😅

ANTREU96 says:

NGL, I always assumed it was one guy 🙂

Alijon Boynazarov says:

dudes are literally talking family and getting paid

John Pascal says:

I wanted to trade crypto but got confused by the fluctuations in price ….

malcolm campbell says:

Great video.

CryptoSkywalker says:

Altcoin Daily basically saying ALT's are too risky.🤨

CryptoSkywalker says:

Is there more risk, really? I mean when the Bull Market is over, ALT's will tank harder. But during a Bull Market, are they really more risky? You're average top 250 ALT has 40x'd in the last 12 months. It's extraordinarily difficult to find any coin that hasn't 5x'd, and most have at least 10x'd. IDO's are just guaranteed money. 50+×'s are common.. Risky might be the wrong word. Explosive is probably more apt. I'd argue that it's risky not to have 15% of your portfolio in get rich quick coins.

Martin Petkovski says:

YoYoW to Jupiter

CryptoSkywalker says:

A channel called Altcoin Daily that's never heard of Origen Protocol?🤨 I get it. It's only 8x'd in the last 12 months. Pretty boring. But come on, guys.😅

Tomcast says:

Seriously, the arrogance in dissing new alt coin investors, because they must all be stupid because they didn't get in a couple years earlier. I really don't like when personalities have disdain for the people who are creating their revenue.
I'm pretty new to this too, but I got my securities license in 2001, have been watching the market, studying events that have driven price in the past and listen to veterans like these guys for more perspective. I guess I'm an idiot compared to the great one just because he started first. We are all scum

BennyBillz says:

Don’t tell your followers about Hex or else they might make some real money

Johnny Cardenas says:

Both you fools are looking happy!

Johnny Cardenas says:

I wish my brother did positive shit like you two! Im jealous!

Khalid Rahman says:

I really like when you guys compare previous bull cycles. Very interesting. Thanks for the good energy too.

lucas moore says:

Good job boyz

The S.S. CryptoCurrent says:

Splinterlands, KOGs, and rFOX Labs

The S.S. CryptoCurrent says:

Does it count if I'm sitting here talking to myself, a day late and one DAI short? 🤔

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