DF Retro: Ico Revisited – The Ueda Collection, Part 1

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To celebrate the arrival of The Last Guardian, Digital Foundry Retro revisits the Ueda Collection on PlayStation 2, starting with Ico.

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Strabby Crabby says:

I hope ICO will get the same treatment as SOTC got. This game deserves a full remake on a modern hardware by the studio that understands its cultural value.

Robby Strange says:

Just got ico and found out it's 240p. Didn't expect that.

Kieran King says:

Playing ICO is like playing a PS1 FMV. Everything feels a little blurry and otherworldly.

M S says:

Awesome episode

Agamaz says:

japanese are insanely good at games

mnb323 says:

That would've been cool if it was released on the ps1. I'm sure at one point there was a plan to release one major game on every ps system. Ico for ps1, sotc for ps2, and tlg for ps3. But obviously it didn't turn out that way

Lurpi says:

3:47 one soudtrack to define a whole console.


One of the most inspirational games of all time. A masterpiece.

Dirk says:

I had never seen videos of the PS1 version of ICO. Now I want a PS1 demake.

Nuno Lourenco says:

love this game , and the soc more

TheCgOrion says:

Games can 100% be "art". Especially if a red triangle and blue sphere, on a yellow background can be "art".

Just Another Youtube Channel says:

I’d love to see some DF Retros on classic cinematic games like Flashback & Fade to Black, with their unique 24fps gameplay, and of course Another World.

Keith Fitzroy says:

Ico such an ICOnic game pushed the boundaries on effects and style yet went relatively unheard of on release

Andreas Tzimboukakis says:

Ueda probably had a huge crush on a white girl transfer student growing up

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