DONE with ETHEREUM (Moving On to Cardano)

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Many people have asked if I’m done with Ethereum and moving over to ADA. Here’s my response to that.

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Tojo says:

Merry Christmas Ben. Cardano is gonna be HUUGE on the long run…

Chris Valerio says:

Scarcety won't be influencing ADA price.

Gordias Gordian says:

I see the hidden bitcoin but is there a private key printed on the other side of that wrap?

Doctor Crypto says:

Merry Xmas from Oz… come visit us sometime!

Doctor Crypto says:

I feel like Charles has a solid and calculated answer to nearly any topic… not sure if you've seen his AMAs…. bloke has spent a lot of time thinking on how to get the most users to actually utilise network… I liked your questions up front.. made him work for it lol… I was also curious about that…
Seems genuinely a problem of working with less smart humans 😉

Craig Harry says:

Merry Christmas to you too, hope you hope y'all archived your dreams goals this year 2 0 2 0?

Buster Sufo says:

Merry Christmas!

rob witham says:

Coinbase won’t delist xrp because they are good to hold securities even though I think this xrp crap is a shake out.

The One says:

BTC, ETH, THETA, DOT, I need to get on Link…

Drago says:

You should also check out the first defi project that will be on CARDANO, which is BONDLY! They have ridiculous potential, and are going to revolutionize the way we trade and exchange crypto and nfts!

Khuong Nguyen says:

wow its so bright lol


I wanted to see you drive the hellcat and take off sideways up the road.

Emanuel Glyman says:

Ben is just a cool dude. I really like ADA too.. I’ve still got my bag…. Charles recruited Vitalik and Gavin Wood so he is a stud…The guy knows how to find the right talent. SNX, AAVE, PRQ

ירון דהאן says:

Cant keep up with you. Always change the "all in" strategy. Once you are eth all in, next day its FRM all in, sometimes its VET. can you finally decide?? You cant be all in for 2 days period.

manuel uy says:

Merry Christmas Bitsquad all the way from Sydney Oz. My bag is full of Eth, ADA and VET for the long term

Norberto Martinez says:

Cardano will get destroyed like XRP. just stay in Bitcoin and Atherium.

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