EIP 1559 Changes Ethereum

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In this video I go over EIP 1559 and how it will change the ethereum network

Ethereum Core dev livestream

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LeFatalpotato says:

Great! I hope miners will sell their gpus.

Calajese says:

It was included into the network some 20 minutes after this video was posted lmao.

Charles Palmer says:

If you follow past trends, you will notice too many charts are indicating a top within a few months. It's not the end of the bull run, just a major dip coming. There is too much money coming into the market, it’s needs a major correction. Look at the bitcoin rainbow chart. Every four years that chart reduces by two lines. Also, a lot of experts are saying we are in a bubble and April / May the market is going to correct. This is just like the internet bubble back in the 90's. This is not to scare, its to educate. Btw, this is for the newbies. I've learnt how to trade and make more with what I already have, This space is so wide open for learn!ng and earn!ng. For me i advice you to multiply the little you have with Dr Mike Laury’s strategy, i was able to make $6O,OOO with $1O,OOO in 3 weeks with his trading strategy and signals, reach him on telegram @mikelaurycrypto orWhatsApp+I(323)47I_38OO, if you want to sleep well at night and still make money. Thanks for your contributions pal.

William Baker says:

this is basically a cryptocurrency channel now and I love it

Liam Attard says:

Will ETH 2.0 fix this?

Darío Enrique says:

The tipping example was great <3
It's so weird though how engraved tipping is in American culture, like, might as well add it into the bill and not even call it a tip.

carmela zinfo says:

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Ultimate Zoomer says:

Want to know the solution? Vertcoin, Mineable by like any PC with a non shite GPU, uses an algo based on ETHHASH, is asic resistant and allows true decentralization . The Verthash fork upgraded it from shitcoin to godcoin tier, and all the eth refugees will flow in soon, as it will be the only coin worth mining, for eth rigs. I'd like to know your opinion.

Johnny B says:

when did u guys realize crypto markets only go continuosly up beacause anyone transfering more than 1k btc worth of anything is permabanned…
think about it, if you and 10 of your buddys have 50k in btc you can crash binance to 0 for a day or two

Miles Gaitan says:

When is there going to be a MentalOutlaw Telegram? I’m trying to stay off YouTube, but don’t want to miss your videos.

Vendettas says:

I never imagined Mental Outlaw would be browsing biz. Very based my fren my rubic stays cubic!

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