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hernan says:

Who is the guy he always mention adam cant catch the final?, i want to look at it

Robert Caldow says:

I personally don't care what you put up each day to entice people.
And I'll tell you what.
Because of your daily uploads my personal wealth has grown 400% in the last 3 months. I can not thankyou enough. Keep up the fantastic work and I will continue to benefit from your daily posts.

Neal Ahern says:

Ellio, the candle (display option) on cgecko will show wicks (like for PRQ)

james lachs says:

EllioTrades, is it too late for a large investor to get into SUPER? Thx.

A W says:

Thank you Ellio! I wish you covered more of my gems but you are still The best Youtuber.

Ellio Trades Crypto says:

Thanks I really appreciate a lot, correspond to my administrator on what…..sa…pp to assist you make more profit in crypto 🇱🇷+ 1 …5….5…9…3…3…5….5…1…4..3….

Jppt Lotus - Relaxing Music says:


Diesel Caine says:

Excellent job bro. Stick to your strategy. Don’t let the super chat change you 💪

Robin Kalk says:

CHI is such a good buy now, huuuge discount! Recommended by ELLIO in his last video. It’s going to get parabolic reeeal soon🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

wolfs1bane says:

Nothing like buying ETH, going to bed, then waking up to see this video in my recommends 😅😅😅

Iulian Movila says:

Elrond 🚀🚀🚀🚀 EGLG

Alan Casey says:

sensationalisms ? DUDE you spoon feed people these life changing oppertunitites, all they have to do is chew it over. Concentrate on the good vibes from here, not the attention seekers who like to go against the grain. I wouldnt give these comments oxygen by mentioning them. Im renaming you Elliot Musk of the Alt world !!!!!!!

Robot Citizen says:

ETH went down ~11% and has as of now quickly bounced back ~5% 🙂 … Meanwhile other coins went up through the dip eg. EGLD 42+%, Matic 40% … On Jan 11-12 and Jan 20-22 ETH (and most others) went down much more than today; each time it all bounced back within days and climbed to new highs. Yes it's a bit scary each time but with each time it becomes less so. The worst you can do is panic sell (having done so before!!)

Christ Onabike says:

What do you think about WANSWAP? Much faster than Eth at less than 1000th of the cost. Surely it's going to put a dent in things in the near future?

Michael McGinnis says:

I understand and appreciate your work

Michael Anstead says:

Super work as always Elio. Just taken my first profit (Elrond) and got to say; it feels great!!!. Thanks and keep it up


I buy and buy when it goes down down…🤑🤑🤑

iosonomich1 says:

Always a thumbs up to you Ellio, you are our Coca Cola to youtube Fanta Gurus!

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