Ethereum: An Important Weekly Close

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If the price of Etheruem holds the current levels, it will not only be the highest weekly close ever, but also a close above the ETH/BTC 20 week SMA (assuming BTC does not rally). Historically, closes above the 20 week SMA for the ETH/BTC valuation tend to continue the rally. With a relatively stable Bitcoin, it seems that time remains on Ethereum’s side. Where do you think the price of Ethereum is headed? Let me know in the comments!

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Tyler Max says:

Forbes is knocking my door. I'm in panic, what should I do?

Allen Earnest says:

How do I add a MA on tradingview ?

Nacho Varga says:

bear is near

KentSpain85 says:

Seriously, best Crypto content on YouTube.

Tiju John says:

want someting new

Z.a a says:

Buy wink 1000th of a penny low market csp, constant updtes and its crypto gamblimg defo a good market. Domt miss the boat it will make us rich availab le on binance and kucoin

Sam King says:

Things can change on a dime

Chris Thompson says:

I hate those knee jerk reactions.

zaz zz says:

nice perspecctive, what is bejamin opinion regarding btc and eth abuot all time high and when according to his analysis

Michał Faleński says:

GME Gap is at 2k sharp, so since we're so close it will stay there till Monday morning.


if btc does the daily 'M', we going down for a ride….might be the end or might be a local top/2013 style…btc might erase eth and alts in the short/medium term…lol this is bullshit.


Why use kraken for charting ? LOOK AT THAT WICK !!!! Only on KRAKEN. lol

Lance Roman says:

Anyone uses ByBit? If so, what country do you put on your VPN

Matthew Van Helden says:

Lets go eth

Dino Panteloukas says:

Good morning Ben. Good morning all.

Cats Eyes says:


Kim Clarke says:

Ben, I can't figure what time zone you are in since you post at all hours?!! Or do you never sleep?? 😉

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