Ethereum Approaches $1900

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The price of Ethereum has been incredibly volatile the last few months – currently, the price is slowly trending back up as Bitcoin shows some signs of life. We just briefly update where we are within our current move, and how we still have a long way to go before the bulls can take back over for Ethereum. Let me know in the comments where you think the price of ETH is headed!

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Benjamin Cowen says:

I wouldn't mind a $1900 ETH. Would you?

Lala 1 says:

I suspect one more pullback then $2k+

Reems Smeer-maar-dan-omgekeerd says:

Hey community! Im looking for a video in which Ben says: What's a few trillion dollars among friends? Been searching for hours but can't find it. Can someone link me please? much appreciated:)

Matej Marincic says:

can someone explain one thing. Today market hit 1.9 trillion but market is in red? We see more then 80 bill new money in market cap almost all 100 coins are in red or small highs… How is this possible?

Jake Swindell says:

What's a few scheduled forbes interviews among friends?

Spuddogg77 says:

Despite the economic crisis, this is a Still a good time to invest in Gold and Crypto

Antonio Mereu says:

i find so funny that after you said on bitboycrypto channel that ETH can possibly but not surely reach 3500 $ at the end of this market cycle, the majority of crypto channels today posts as their newest video this title : " ETH to 3500$"…. people hear what they want to hear

Cédric Freivogel says:

You shouldn't use kraken info at all. The wig down to 700 was because they miss managed the ratio between spot and future markets and run out of money, flash crash. Same did happen to ada and dot on that specific day.

Oliver Ebner says:

Success? While success should not be quantify by the amount of money in your bank account. Ever been broke before? Then you will understand hard it is to make that change you want to see.
I believe that wealth is an integral part of success, even though it should not be the main quantifier, it has a vital role to play.

itscu says:

The tsunami awaits us ✨

Michael Roberts says:

Congrats Ben – saw you on Bitboys channel

Tausif Bagwan says:

Ethereum these years 2021 December eng price

Ryf Van Rij says:

Got to say I was super surprised that you appeared on Bitboy! I was even more surprised at how well the collaboration went and how you brought a real sense of balance, maturity and sensibility to his channel. My hope for you is that your subscription total goes to the moon from all his subscribers. They will no doubt be blown away are your analysis. Ben = CRYPTO GOAT

Check out my video says:

I have fоund bugеd bitcon ex-chаnger, it automatically exchanges to etherium almost x10 rate!

Ewan Gardiner says:

People still hold etherium? Ooof wow ok

Scott Francis says:

Charlie William is throughly the best in the world,I cant just believe what I have made

Jasper de Jong says:

Looks awesome👍🚀🥳

Kofi Boadu says:

I’m a simple man I see Ben has uploaded I watch and listen carefully and I like 😊

ak n says:

Too late, Forbes interview scheduled. Cryptocurrency only goes up.

Sandman says:

I would love to know what you thought of BitBoy's thumbnail shill for the video? – completely not your style. Don't expect to see you back there anytime soon. 🙂

Bryan Del Cid says:

I’m sure ETH will break out soon it’s just been a turtle for these past two months

Olivia Kelvin says:

Charlie is throughly the best brokr,she is like a God when it comes to crypto currency

Carla says:

slow and steady wins the race

luke dukes says:

Would you ever consider to start a channel for people that want a dumbed down version of your understanding of what going on with crypto? For dummies like myself? 🙂

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