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DOCUMENTARY on Ethereum & Bitcoin, The Vitalik Buterin Success Story: With bitcoin came blockchain technology – a tool to decentralize all sorts of things beyond crypto-currency. Will it radically transform the way we live, work, and even govern ourselves?

Orig.: Inside the Cryptokingdom, EP03, “In Code We Trust”

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Blockchain Bae says:

Yes yes the future is here

coitusx says:

The fact that crypto is filled with fraud and corruption debunks all the crypto propaganda and hype. This is unfortunately a huge pump and dump.

Green Card says:

There will be no intermediary like a bank when money transfered. This is not true. The bank is the bitcoin protocol, ethereum and ada protocols so that the cryptocurrencies can function.

Manuel Alvarez says:

The future is here and we can not stop it.

Dee'sNutz says:

I'll retire early because of ETH.

nitemare khawk says:

I love crypto currency defi is the new banking period

ScyberVEVO says:

Hmm. I might be second.

Marc Howell says:

Hmm. I might be first.

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