Ethereum & BNB Holders Getting RICH (BEST Bitcoin Scenario)

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Today we take a look at Visa adding crypto payments, the Binance.US shakeup, the prospects for Bitcoin in the short term, plus BNB & Ethereum crushing it.

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Fernando Ramos says:

Just when you think you know crypto it changes on you, totally agree 😂

SEM Solar says:

for those wondering.
Binance setup from AUS, super quick.

Rose St. James Dowson says:


Christopher Marrero says:

Apparently the Miami mayor and top brass here wanna make Miami a crypto hub . Hopefully we get there one day .

Howland Writing says:

Eth Hodl Crew checking in

Ketan Ramteke says:

Is Safemoon a scam?

Travis Korda says:

#ETHGANG but things are still a bit shaky with BTC price. Obviously still bullish BTFD!

Chris Ennis says:

Safemoon super cheap let’s 🚀🚀 Also Holo super cheap and can make you all so serious money if we can get it moving again 🙏🏽👌🏽

TheMostSLENDERking says:

ETH cant really 🌙 till the benefits of 2.0 arrive

That’s FINE… I can wait.

Robert Kaufmann says:

I like how BB talks like he's about to burp (or barf) 😁

Gurinder Rathore says:

What do you think about AMP?

GrandFather Records says:

Oh I would love to go on binance and trade… tell Texas to support it 😑

Kan Ding says:

Help… Got liquidated… I lost everything…

Jayden Roi says:

bnb is good… but binance sucks… all they do is block accts and play with our $$$$

Nicolas Nour says:

Worst bitcoin scenario?

Kyler Chaffin says:


Thunder Kat says:

I said the bull run is over and I’ll say it again. Lol

Natalie s says:

He’s on painkillers

Ben Beacom says:


Enrico says:


Moe Anaya says:

in miami and nose wont stop itching??? hmmmmmmm

Pay says:

REN and Zilliqa gang

zsolt kocsag says:

Hi Ben. BNB will reach 1000$ during this bull run. Greetings from Hungary. 🇭🇺

This Is Heaven says:

Bitcoin 🚀🚀🚀

Tareq Nachoo says:

Eth and cardano 😍. Dogecoin and safemoon 🚀😍

Egg Man says:

Shut up bitboy

Rollo Ollor says:

I've searched for the answer on the internet but I still haven't found the answer. Maybe someone here can answer it or maybe the answer is so self evident it doesn't really need to be answered and I'm failing to see it. But, the question is: If I put my crypto in a wallet, whether it be cold or hot, does it still gain on the market?

Wall Street Hamster 9255 says:

Bitboy looks like hes in some government housing project in Beijing.

Artemis: The Dog says:

Dress-up like a flag! That would be AWESOME! Rep USA/ETH!!! LOL

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