ETHEREUM BULLISH SETUP CONTINUES! 🤩 Come on $3000! Get Crypto Rich with ETH | Buy ETH Australia

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Time for an Ethereum (ETH) Update as we continue the bullish setups, one after another, after another. Ethereum is giving us a lot of chances to get in (we can always be wrong!) so if I don’t take them, then that’s my own fault! It’s now or never for ETH! Let’s go $3000!

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00:00 Your Home of Hopium-Free Cryptocurrency Updates & Education!
00:54 Ethereum: Current Position
03:16 Understanding the set up
04:54 I’m buying ETH but can I be wrong?
06:06 The Poor Trader’s Bad Psychology Game
07:00 My ETH Disclaimer

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Diesel Caine says:

Even the wolf of Wallstreet has changed his mind on crypto lol. He thinks cryptocurrency is the best investment 😂

Winding Roads says:

Thanks Jason.
Not sure if you've done one recently/not too long ago, but a suggestion/possible for a future video.
Chance that some people, that aren't traders, but put some crypto into paper wallets a while ago, and since not traders, or constantly on and into Crypto (they wen't long), they may not be fully aware of the process to retrieve the crypto from their paper wallets to "sell completely", or retrieve some.
May be helpful to go through a couple/few ways to do this, if there's any time between all the trading videos.
'ave a good one. Cheers

Jack Handley says:

Cheers brother. Good video. First Australian I have heard from since I started a month ago. Will keep checking out your stuff. Take care

tommy gun says:

Good to have an Aussie in the mix. I got eth the other yr. It's been looking good this year. Everyone thinks crypto will crash but we all know everything will be digital soon.

Luc Hof says:

We will be breaking out on ethereum

John Lebestski says:

This days we should be careful about money💰 usage, if you're not spending to recover, then stop spending!

Rory C says:

Hey, I'm just getting started, based in Australia! What's the platform that you're using? Really want to set up an account but struggling to pick a good platform. Thank you!

Ava Davis says:

I agree with you but instead of hoping on bull runs for your crypto to grow. Trade it and earn. As for me Aaden Jones helps me trade and so far my crypto has been on steady increase.

M H says:

Great content

Diesel Caine says:

Yo Jp. Have you been watching what’s going on with the Micro Strategy Seminar? Seems promising. Over 6000 reps from big businesses. And also bad news. Nigeria’s central bank has put a ban on all crypto ouch!

Miguel Arroyo says:

I don't know who needs to hear this but stop saving all your money. Invest some of it If you want financial freedom.

Rikhil Haran says:

"have more fun to get more done" lmao always gets me

ppatos says:

Thanks for this vid Jason. I'm still bullish with Eth with the news of the ETH CME futures,​ Grayscale ethereum trust,​ Chinese ethereum adoption and the​ growth of DeFi.

Iris says:

Im guessing you are talking in usd

Akeman says:

This is a waist of my time….and yours too.'

Akeman says:

Every one talk TA say, "It can go up" and…"it cam go down".
No one say what the think, including YOU.


This was an awesome week! How about that ADA? Last chance at $0.65(ish)? People hate this exorbitant gas fees on Eth. Salute from Vegas✊🏼🔥

Anton Suciadi says:


Akeman says:

TA does not work, it is all news.

Tatenda Alous Moyo says:

ETH to the moon 🚀🚀🚀

Syb Mundy says:

Perfect timing with this video Jason you have your finger on the pulse when it comes to these topics

H Q says:

ETH is very strong. Hold and Buy more.

Gaurav Gusain says:

Sir please make a video on ATOM prediction too..

Soul Relaxation says:

Love your content 🕵️‍♀️

dwit witty says:

Eth will change our lives. Thank you Jason

sunny S says:

Eth to d moon n beyond!! N yes.. red goes faster!!😉🙏☯️🚀

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