Ethereum (ETH) Price Prediction For 2021!

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This video is a full technical review of Bitcoin and Ethereum in the cryptocurrency markets. A full analysis of the recent market movements on the altcoin markets including a technical perspective of the upper coins.

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Crypto Michaël says:

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Alma C says:

Great! This…

Kelvin William says:

This period the perfect time to invest the dip and accumulate irrespective of the bulls being under pressure. Bitcoin moving up is inevitable and would see the price of bitcoin surpass its all-time highs. The reversal was imminent because obviously, the bitcoin market needed a correction to gather the right momentum to give the bulls more steam and this just makes it the perfect time to invest and accumulate as much as possible. However I see every market as an advantage to make more profits as this is a very good buy zone and also to trade with a working strategy/daily signals, this I have been doing with Mr.Ivan daily signals which have been so accurate and well profitable, Last month I was able to grow and accumulate a total of 6.8btc with my initial 1.2btc which you would agree is a very good profit. I see no reason to panic when you can build your portfolio with Ivan Noah daily signals and guides,Ivan can be reached on and Te*ergram ( @ivansignal ) & +44 77 82 82 58 12 for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

Michael says:

Leuk he zo wakker liggen 's nachts en je alts zien ontploffen 😀 ik zag je op 5u nog tweeten haha

James Masterson says:

What do you think to predictions of $27k Ethereum in 2021?

EgCh says:

Pandemic has led us into crypto revolution. People are participating and using crypto silently as part of the social movement in changing the status quo, and exiting the current system to avoid the outrageous and endless money-printing in which the government has stolen purchasing power indirectly from everyone over the years. At this turbulent time, people are looking for a safe heaven, one of it is the Bitcoin. Bitcoin is being bought at the moment to hedge against the inflation, global uncertainties and unwise monetary policies taken by the governments across the world.

Protests and dissents that we witnessed across the world are the result of the outrageous fiscal and monetary policies implemented by the irresponsible government. The current system was designed to enrich the very few person sitting on the top. The current system that has been running for over decades was financially re-engineered to enrich the elites that had created many unwanted social-economical issues.

Apart from buying Bitcoin, another way to preserve the value of your money and participate in the crypto revolution as a way to protest silently against government' irresponsibility is also to look at longer horizon and invest in

– 'decentralized' smart contract platform that would not be regarded as 'security' that may have legal implications ( For eample XRP and EOS would have legal implication due to its centralization nature )

– a decentralized/#Defi platform that has its utility token to support the network and run the decentralized applications.

1) Bitcoin is a decentralized community money but it was not designed to run decentralized application and Ethereum doesn't have limited supply – hence there is no scarcity in Ethereum, its appreciation may not be great in long run.

2) Cardano has limited supply and halving like Bitcoin and that it can be used to write better and more secured dApps / Defi app in its smart contract platform than Ethereum. Adding to that, Cardano is more decentralized than Ethereum and Bitcoin combined.You can almost say, Cardano = Bitcoin + Ethereum. You can watch it here why is that –

As utility token is not speculative in nature, hence its price can be more sustainable in long run with big potential upside due to the various decentralization applications that will be built and run on the top of the blockchain.

When Defi and decentralization applications take off and have mass adoption in the coming years, Cardano is no longer an option but it's a security choice one has to make. We know any dapps that run on top of a smart platform would involve risk of dollar and cents, anyone who is technical sensible person would not want to build a decentralized application on Ethereum that its platform has been experimented on the go and still is. The gas fee(s) in Ethereum are costing people ridiculously an arm and leg now. You can also sense Ethereum' technical foundational layer is rather shaky and not to mention the number of security incidents in the past, that the Ethereum platform itself has opened up several vulnerabilities – dapps were hacked as result of its flaw, and you wouldn't know what comes out next and fall apart again.

Many people argued Ethereum has the first mover advantage, but that would not be the reason people would consider in building useful and mission critical application on it, especially once the blockchain space get more mature and people can have a better grasp on the pros and cons of it and appreciate the security and scalability aspects of it are needed in decentralized application. The Ethereum fans can bend the reality as much as they want, but at the end of the day, they won't be able to change the fact that Cardano was designed on the outset for building mission critical applications with high-assurances on the security and scalability aspects.

When one look at the progress on the protocol development over the last 2 years, IOHK was very assured on its technical protocol Quroboros which have the highest security assurances design among all the proof of stake protocol. Over the last 3 years they never once changed its stance on the protocol design approach and how its distribution mechanism should run at its foundation level, they only reuse the previous working protocol and iterate it in making it better. It shows at the technical foundational level, it has a very solid security design and they were very assured about it, unlike Ethereum2.0. If the security was one of the reasons why Institutional Investor put their money in bitcoin, then I can't see why the big investors would not choose Cardano over Ethereum in the coming 12 – 15 months. #Cardano #Ada'was built to provide equal footing and opportunities for everyone in sharing the pies of the digital economy. Its technical superiority, philosophical approaches and more importantly its well-knowledge/helpful communities are second to none in changing the world for the betterment of humanity.

Cardano is about changing the world for millions of people, that can also mean bringing wealth to millions as well. The more people Cardano positively impacts, the more it will be used. Cardano's use case will be different for all of us.

The speech recently from Cardano founder'-

Lance Douglas says:

Many of us, have missed the bull runs doing other things. I am one of those. It was a "no brainer" but I was busy and it came and went before I remembered crypto existed. Fortunately for me I was able to meet James Barrera of Crypt0TribesMen on their YouTubechannel and with his counseling and experience I was able to benefit from the run by trad!ng BTC instead of holding and waiting for the price to increase. James turned me from a lost cause, to someone who is "in the game". He offers very usable adv!ce, for an average person like me that knew nothing about Crypto from the start. Now I can proudly say that after trad!ing with James for a couple of weeks now I have been able to stack up 33 BTC with an initial |nvestment of 5.5 BTC following his instriuctions. You can easily get to James on TeIeq:ram jamesbarrera Wh@tsqq + l 4 0 4 9 7 5 4 9 1 9 its never too late to benefit from the current bull run.

jordy W says:

Waarna de %dominantie van bitcoin na de $100.000/$200.000 een flinke terugval doet, en het geld vloeit in de altcoins is het op historisch gezien nog bescheiden om $5000/$10.000 uit te spreken.
Toffe video 😀

jim cassidy says:

Read up on Fantom Token!

maanman says:

Hey Crypto Michaél, Ik vraag me iets af. Wat is slimmer TP nemen in usdt en na de altseason pas omzetten in btc, of TP nemen gelijk in Btc?

Victor says:

Great video. Please can you do a video on SNX?

The dude says:

10 k 4 sure

Fugetabouit says:

Link at $20+ February is a lock!

Fugetabouit says:

$2600 for Bitcoin being 40k to 50k is fair enough grind. 👍 Ether at $90 in March was a 🎁.

Martin Jech says:

Awesome! I love these video analysis 🙌🏽

H Q says:

Thanks. Buy ETH

Blackfield says:

How's about LTC? One of the few top 10 coins that's nowhere near its old ATH. Might be a nice entry?

ayy lmao says:

Zeer informatieve video, dank!

Chase Rex says:

Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

Joost Ruijter says:

Thanks kerel!

John Hazbolatow says:

Unsubbed and reported for being not bullish enough

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