Ethereum ‘flippening’ happening now; Mashinsky talks $100k+ BTC this year, quantum computer threats

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Alex Mashinsky, CEO of #Celsius Network, discusses with David Lin, anchor for Kitco News, the likelihood of #Ethereum surpassing #Bitcoin in market cap, the threat of quantum computers for cryptocurrencies, regulation, new crypto mining initiatives from Celsius, and price forecasts for both BTC and ETH.

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0:00 – Ethereum flippening
4:10 – Eth 2.0
5:38 – Bitcoin vs quantum computers
12:10 – Hash rate and BTC price
14:29 – Celsius Network mining
15:56 – BIS vs Bitcoin
18:20 – CBDC adoption, Bitcoin mining
22:20 – Bitcoin, Ethereum price forecasts
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Kim Jong D says:

Ponzi scam.

Tom S says:

Not sure why kitco perpetuates the nonsense that crypto has anything to do with gold.

VE2FET says:

Banks will need to start acquiring those to integrate those crypto services if they want to survive…

Peter Davies says:

Yes but is he calling around 160k the actual top of the bull cycle ?

TLOU 2 says:

JULY FED prints $2T (4th stimulus package), ETH upgrade, SEPTEMBER EL Salvador gives 30$ of BTC to every adult citizen. NOVEMBER BTC upgrade, DECEMBER FED prints $3T (5th stimulus package) and US BTC ETF gets approved. BTC gets easy to $100K 2021 😉🤓🤑

True Crypto says:

The only reason eth flipped Bitcoin is because the miners are in transition to move their miners.. of course it's going to be down. Tell the truth atleast lol

Bijar Khan Jatoi says:

I think Bitcoin will maintain its top spot. The need to counteract inflation invalidates the need for yield in a lot of scenarios, for regular folks. A high-yield savings account can lose value over long periods of time if inflation is occurring too quickly; in scenarios like that, simply putting that value into something that generates no yield, but does not suffer from inflation, would be a better move, and the market will reflect this in the years to come.

rocmon says:

lul, crypto as a gamble (speculation) – sure, but no chance any of this crypto trash will evade the powers running civilization…

All this crypto trash REQUIRES internet and internet connectivity – my bet is the internet underpinnings (protocols) will be 'upgraded' to ensure 'SAFE' communications and then your fancy virtual fortunes will go off-line.

good luck – I'm out!

machomanrandyaverage says:

This was a very good interview. Thanks!

Teds World says:

Don't trust these people offering you interest for your coins it will be generated by lending your coins to people who will sell your coins short and knock the price down. If ETH pays higher interest it's because there is more short interest in ETH. Beware!

Myles Ray says:

this alex guy is gonna make you lose everything

hugegoogle says:

Quantum computer is to break ECDSA, not very efficient to break SHA256

Teds World says:

Ethereum is digital fiat compared to Bitcoin as digital gold. It has interest payements, transaction taxes, inflation, no fixed supply, 70% pre-market ICO for insiders and corporate investors, and a central planner pulling levers. It's everything Bitcoin is trying fix!

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