Ethereum in TROUBLE (#1 Reason People are Dumping ETH)

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I’m coming to you from the Super Bowl tonight. People are dumping Ethereum. I’m not worried.


Brian Jacobs says:

Dump and I buy. Pump and I buy. Stay as is and I buy. Made the freaking biggest mistake when I panic sold 20 Ethers the last time it dropped significantly. HODL

4joe7 says:

When next $1000 to $10,000 vid BitBoy crypto?

nati alon says:

Can someone tell me where he things the ETH will be in 1-2 years from today ?

Fitness Official says:

Will xrp rise up to 0.60 dollars?

pluto explanet says:

Is this American football?
Looks dope

Fitness Official says:

Will xrp rise up to 30 pesos?

What-It-Do?? says:

Did I get in too late at 1650? 12 shares

Bear Mellow says:

Should I buy another ethem for 1630. CAD will it hit over 20× over nah

Bear Mellow says:

Is they're a way to get in with 1.0 ethem? I'm new to cryptocurrencies& channel. Enjoying and getting alot of knowledge.

M Parks says:

That's not football – its Hand-egg 😀

gahb e says:

You're an awesome team player, Bitboy!

Yakubu Mshelia says:

I am sad that my time zone won't allow me to catch up on the latest on this channel. 😞 I hope to make more effort to stay up very very late.

Into the sunset says:

The cheap seats !!!!! Mmmm can’t afford a decent seat.

Natdaddy G says:

Thank you 🙏

Patrick Shane says:

Brooooooo there’s COVID out there

Endigo Guyatt says:

Reporting from the super bowl for bitboy tv .
etherium something something something and I’m at the Super Bowl reporting for bitboy tv 😂 classic

RippedMr says:

Respect for BitBoy

Ernie Lozano says:

Hope you had a GREAT time Ben and sons !!! 😎👍

Gaijin Coordinator says:

Makes a video no matter what. Thank you! Liked!

Robot Citizen says:

as with the larger dips of Jan 11 and 20-22 it's quickly bouncing back 🙂

Hossam ElGazar says:

what a cute kids !! wish you all good and happiness

lookabigrock says:

Tooooom Bradyyyy! Great content btw

Christian McDowell says:

Two lil drinks can't stop mah boi!

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