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Ethereum. Layer 2 Cryptos. ETH. Ethereum Update.
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There’s a major problem with Etheruem. It’s got bad gas. But there is a solution.. Layer 2s.. A solution you can actually invest in.

The problem is this get’s complicated fast. It’s hard to determine which layer 2 might take the cake.. Benefitting from Ethereum’s massive market share.

So I decided to go deep and build an actual research report on the topic comparing the top layer 2s. In order to explain why Layer 2s matter you need to understand the problem with Ethereum, and other similar smart contract blockchain networks in the crypto space.

Vitalik Buterin
Smart Contracts
Eth Update

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John says:

I preemptively hit the thumbs up when I get the Max noti

Jon says:

I freaking literally love your videos man, you explain stuff stupid simple for dummies like myself to understand. Hope my lovely Puerto Rico is treating you well. 🍻 cheers

Token_BLK_Guy says:

I think I'm the only person that doesn't give a fuck about eth. I hold eth but I don't use the network or projects built on it. I just don't care for it

Brian Johnson says:

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Brian Johnson says:


QuadSpawner says:

Uncle Sam loves ETH.

Zyntho says:

wow arbeetrum sounds nice

Ekpo Eyo says:

Biggest buy contest is back! Rules are fairly simple and easy!
Luzion Protocol token automatic staking, and compounding features, which include
BUSD Rewards
highest Fixed APY in the market at 383,125.80%, for the first 12 months.
LZN and 1682022

Stonk Investor says:

GRT will help on this next venture as well.

Nope Franks says:

Vikatik is a co founder of shiba inu who profited heavily insane amounts from both doge and shib but has utter contempt for any tokens with dogs on them.

He pulled the shib sham when crypto was sleepy then pretended he had no idea when all eyes were on crypto especially meme coins.

C Hood says:

Not even 2 minutes in and I’ve seen Vitalik’s ass three times.. Cmon Max. Be better lmaooo

Savage Santi Gaming - Crypto & MetaVerse. says:

Great video Max. Wen around the blockchain? Yeah I meant to type WEN!

Mario Mismas says:

KDA only 🙂

April Rivera says:

most quick take this crypto .half crowd they ice faith kiss borrow bubble sustain inherit couch whale . be happy

mano kalousdian says:

L1 gasless blockchain is coming out soon which solves the blockchain trilemma

Vasko Alp Cavdar says:

I believe qardden token will go 100x after launch on Binance

Aditya jain says:

polygon and optimism are expected to grow and seem profitable ones ?

Elias freeman says:

Thanks Jesus

Elgyn says:

Good crypto bonus CryptosLIVE.COM

john smith says:


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