Ethereum Over Bitcoin? The Price Is Headed to $10,000 Says Frank Holmes

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Ethereum hit all-time highs on Wednesday, breaking above $1,600 ahead of the launch of Ethereum futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange next week. Our Daniela Cambone speaks with Frank Holmes, chairman of Hive Blockchain, the only crypto mining company producing both Ethereum and Bitcoin. Holmes discusses the rally ahead of the big CME futures launch on February 8th. He also reveals his $10,000 Ethereum forecast and why he thinks it’s headed higher.

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Sam Bowles says:

How many Chinese miners are actually running invisible software that is stealing crypto coins? You would never know because you trust the
Chinese MFGR's, to be honest, and moral people. I bet that if the crypto
miners were deeply analyzed you would find embedded software that is
stealing your information and your power and sending that information to
the Chinese!

Douglas Pete says:

I agree with you but instead of hoping on bull runs for your crypto to grow. Trade it and earn. As for me Bernard Fred Adam helps me trade and so far my crypto has been on steady increase.

Helder Pires says:

paper crypto … paper gold … toilet paper

Ddlj Ddlj says:

Noone tLks of supply of eth

thomas halls says:

80% of traders loses money, me I'm gonna be a millionaire in forex trading

Arjun Prasad says:

Why are they not talking about Ethereum's potentially unlimited supply? I feel it can never give returns similar to Bitcoin because of that. Perhaps for short term investment, yes.

Steven says:

ETH is amazing!

Sam's Trading Network says:

ETH about to become more valuable…must be nice!!!

M Shahid says:

Danniel hold this Franc guy to what he says today in a month or two as he recommended stocks that fail – he tries to pump stocks.

ChocoWild says:

someone is interesting in buy an eth mining camp in argentina for 85K usd… it produce 0.2 ETH daily monthly around 9k usd and lights cost is around 200usd

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