Ethereum Price to Jump Before New Year? Ethereum Price Analysis

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Will Ethereum Price Jump Before New Year? Watch our Ethereum price analysis for the rest of 2020 and share your ghouths in the comments below.

December Institutional investors have come to the forefront of the cryptomarket scene as they bought the Ethereum price dip. And as we’ve seen ETH defend a crucial support level in the Ethereum price analysis. So right now the immediate Ethereum price target on its way up to higher highs is the major resistance level at $635.

From them on, the Ethereum forecast entails a potential rally up to $800. Whether or not that mark will be reached in the Ethereum December price chart remains to be seen, however. One thing is for certain, though, and that the recent purchase of the Grayscale Trust Fund of over 131 thousand ETH has certainly increased buying pressure on the Ethereum price December 2020.

Hence, the resistance we’re seeing around the $593 level in the Ethereum technical analysis will hardly be a real obstacle for the bulls. On the flipside, there is a concerning Adam and Eve pattern forming that risks a break below the $480 support level for the Ethereum price. December, in that case, could see the price tumble all the way down to $370. Do stay tuned for the Ethereum forecast December 2020 to find out just how big of a risk that is.

Watch the full video for our take on the Ethereum December 2020 price analysis and a deeper insight into what to expect from the cryptocurrency in the weeks ahead. And drop us a line in the comments with your thoughts on our Ethereum price prediction.

What did you think of our “Ethereum Price Analysis December 2020” video? Please let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to like and share this Ethereum analysis! To be notified about the latest Ethereum price news, subscribe to the official channel and click that notification bell.


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