Ethereum Ready To Blow Up, VeChain New Features, Anonymous Litecoin Transactions

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In this video we go over the crypto news, Retail Interest in Ethereum Skyrockets as Small ETH Addresses on the Rise, Litecoin integrates with Incognito network to enable anonymous transactions, Unprecedented Crush of Wealthy Investors Are Flocking to Bitcoin, According to On-Chain Analyst Willy Woo, VeChain enables fee delegation feature for DeFi mass adoption, Goldman Sachs Exploring Entry Into Crypto Custody: Report

Moving forward I plan on doing more like this, and daily crypto news. Every day we will cover crypto news, bitcoin news, altcoin news, fear and greed indexes, bitcoin google trends, charts, bitcoin price.

I am also willing to cover ETH, LINK, ADA, XRP, BTC, XTZ, VET, etc..

Let me know if there is any specific type of video you would like to see ! 🙂

This is not financial advice.

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Good 411 Sir, thank you.

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John May says:

There's more then 47 millionaire's in the world, or is that how many millionaires from Bitcoin???

I'm confused LoL 😜

Sofia Mark says:

The rich see's economy crisis as a garage sale, that's why investing right now will be the best decision

Rule Britannia says:

VET Go Go Go!!!!

stocks stock says:

Cardano ADA is king 🤴!!

CRYPTO D says:

Thank You 🙏

Brandon Ermer says:

Vet to the moon!

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