Ethereum surges to an all-time high today

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Bitcoin was higher on the day but the big story is ethereum. With CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Guy Adami, Tim Seymour, Karen Finerman and Pete Najarian.


Kamil Bartłomiejak says:

Why would anyone listen to their opinion on bitcoin?! I bet they can barely use a mobile phone. This guys look at the world through their 1930’-1940’ glasses. It got them far but it’s been irrelevant for the past 15 years. I worked in many different companies and most of the time my work buddies in their 50’s and up couldn’t even use a PC beyond what they were told at the job. Time goes fast and it certainly goes fast for these two. Buy and HODL bitcoin! It’s not too late!

TheHzh82 says:

To Buffet & Munger: You know why you hate bitcoin? I dumped ALL my Berkshire shares last year to buy crypto and I’m a very happy man right now. Sayonara!

Alexis Nassar says:

Where did the dollar came from not from thin air yes but it's ok because the government controls it. Let's remember the germs that a dollar transmit by exchanging hands and now with Corona? Let's go crypto…

Kings Bing says:

Hey Mr Buffett buy ethereum u didn't miss your opportunity YET 😉 😜 😏 😀 don't miss the train this time old man 😉

Nar rator says:

They are just mad hey are losing there strangle hold on fiat . Cry for me old guys why the heck do they care it’s not like it matters at their age or level. Greed is so powerful.

Stephen Plamondon says:

Bro these men are toooo old !!!

Mr. White says:

No disrespect but these two remind me of Statler and Waldorf from The Muppets.

ilalla says:

He called it "The Bitcoin". Lol…

Titani um says:

Cryto bubble! There’s going to be 100 types of coins invented every year like Monopoly money.

Junior J says:

The new gererations are into Crypto and the old Farts are in the old Stock Market,Both have its Pros&Cons,but they have to get with the Times💯🦄🛸💎🐳

Pinky Racing says:

Out of thin air ! Now you know they are getting too old .

Rasul Bogdan says:

They probably felt the same about computers, cell phones, and the internet.

izzy says:

Old Farts…….

Peradoce1 says:

Charlie Munger HATES the BTC success being it is DECENTRALIZED and poses a threat to banking stocks Berkshire Hathaway owns like WELLS FARGO and BANK OF AMERICA in which they own BILLIONS of $$$. Cryptocurrencies will HIT banking business because it eliminates the JURASSIC ERA banking business.

Brendan Hoyt says:

Those 2 dinosaurs are gonna be left in the past where they belong

Yeshi Ghoori says:

Statler and Waldorf

zWarlock X says:

Americans, these 2 clowns plus Bill Gates were the first to invest in facial masks during the pandemic before it was released to the market.

Incredible AnimalJam Play Wild says:

I'm getting constipated just listening to these dinosaurs. People thought cars wouldn't replace the horse and buggy, too.

Leland Carlisle says:

Crypto market is be coming more appealing to lnvestors seeking low-correlation assets that diversify portfolios, U.S investment bank noted that high volatility “acts as a headwind towards further adoption”. We’ve no doubt in mind that we are not only going bull with little signs of stopping. I know people hate saying "this time is different" but the amount of banks, institutions, and companies who have in vested hundreds of millions of dollaRs with the intent to hold long term: how can we refute that this may be the "super cycle" everyone is talking about? The conditions of this bull market are unlike anything we have ever seen. I got this tips first hand from Raymond Anthony, He’s always a step ahead of other traders, he fully monitored all my trades to avoid me making mistakes and losing my money. My ear nings has increased dras tically from 10.1 Bitcoin to 48.7 Bitcoin in just 4 weeks and some days. I have full confidence in his tradn abilities. You can easily get to him on ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ{{@Raymondsam1}}.

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