ETHEREUM TO $10,000 – What You MUST Know

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Here are my thoughts on Ethereum, why I invested in it alongside Bitcoin, and addressing my thoughts on potentially reaching $10,000 in the future – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan





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The concept of Ethereum was first described in 2013 by then 19-year-old Vitalik Buterin, who created it as a way to facilitate programmable contracts using its own currency. Ethereum is built on the same BLOCKCHAIN network of Bitcoin, except – it allows for an open source platform where programmers could build applications that facilitate the exchange of money, content, property, or anything of value – in the form of what’s called a “smart contract.”

This is a digital agreement that performs a specific task when certain conditions are met…like, if you smash the like button – the like button will turn blue. It basically removes the middle man, and allows tasks to happen in real time without any human involvement. SO, in THIS CASE…Ethereum is just the network programs are created on, and ETHER is the currency that powers it…kind of like, Ethereum is the car – but Ether is the gas that powers the car.

So, overall – I’m OPTIMISTIC about both Bitcoin and Ethereum, which is why I decided to split my investment 60/40 between them…but, still, make no mistake…this is still only a VERY small portion of my entire portfolio to the point where, no matter WHAT happens – I’ll still be okay.

But remember, this is extra money I have to risk, if it goes to 0 it won’t change anything, and I’m still diversifying throughout stocks and real estate as my main INVESTMENT…I’m not saying you have to be as cautious as I am, and I know I’m being over the top about that disclaimer…BUT I wouldn’t necessarily go “all in” either without understanding the risks.

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Mr Wankinson says:

People are saying Cardano ADA is the competition to Ethereum. ADA is by far my biggest investment, but right now it´s not even close to being competition to Ethereum, however it is building up to be the biggest competition Ethereum has ever faced, Cardano takes things slow and steady and everything they write needs to be flawless before being published, ADA is the definition of slow and steady wins the race, I don´t think anything major will happen between ETH and ADA this market cycle. At most ADA will have a market cap of 1/3rd that of ETH, next market cycle however.. I believe ADA will flip ETH, unless ETH 2.0 will be a succes in that case I believe ETH will remain second place.

I am invested in both and believe ETH and ADA can co-exist. Competition is good, it will drive both networks to keep improving.

pratik bhuyan says:

Ethereum will be the king. Still buying at this price

Zach Gryn says:

So I destroyed the like button last time, like you told us to. Now I can't like this video!

Mijagi1976 says:

I have 86 bitcoin and 14 ETH and this is really to much. If someone wants some bitcoin, I can give it to them. 86 BTC is way too much for one person.

Celso Dias says:

you should make a video about MurAll and Paint

Jag C says:

He saving cardano for next videos

Chacho Ramirez says:

All these broke ass people on the cardana bandwagon convincing themselves its better than eth 🤣

Gerardo Cortez says:

I hate the high gas fees

Classic Aussie says:

What’s what guys it’s what here

Ness says:

"what's up marshmallows, it's graham cracker here"

Jeff Buhrman says:

I'm shocked with your knowledge of the monetary system that XRP isn't a strong hold for you.

SMITHY-X says:

Skale is the next big on

Felix Martinez says:

Cardano will compete with Etherium

Adolf Hitler says:

Whats up chicken its egg here

Noelle's Randall bb says:

Bitcoin trading options is just like anyother business but in this case more sophisticated and advanced

Allan Robinson says:

Stock trading has really been amazing. It's like a dream come true for me. I'm glad I was patient, now I'm reaping the fruits weekly

Владислав says:

Protection against DDoS attacks is under rated and Thedisbalancer is tapping this sector with its token sale this month. Incubated by leading tech project Hacken. This is BIG!

Wiggy Tjihenuna says:

Cardano 🤔

TM AUTO Garage says:

Been on ETH rocket ship for a bit…just waiting for it to finally launch!!

Hello World says:

Algorand is better

Mellow Yellow says:

Defi lending , borrow has been available since July 2020 on the Ethereum network

None none says:

are you doing BETH staking. it's free money for Ether hodl.

BullTuber says:

What's up Graham guys here has become an old and rotten dialogue now. Change it

Anabelle Loredo says:

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