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Can Ethereum hit $10K? $100K? Today we’ll be making the case for Ethereum taking a massive run-up in the next crypto bullrun thanks to the developments with ETH 2.0 and improving on the scalability, security and speed of the blockchain. Proof-of-stake is here to change everything.

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Sheldon Evans says:

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Be Careful! People are pretending to be me in the comments, my comments will always be highlighted!

plungy says:

Aren't we in the next bull market for a while now? or do you mean the next halving cycle?

Joshua Truesdell says:

Look at history. History tells us after every December ether takes off. It’s literally happened every year the token has been out. Look for it to explode within the next month

Mark Garcia says:

Currently, Bitcoin just broke $24,000! ⁠
⁠That means if you invested 1btc as early as the year 2017 when it was around $5013, you'd made x5 of that now. It's rising, so now is the best time to trade them. Bullish It's decentralized(not controlled by the government or anyone) Bitcoin is the future for financial freedom is the wisest thing to do right now..

Mr Niru says:

Mental coin ETH because alts coin bull run participate but eth not participate . Please don't invest eth

joe li says:

Thought this was graham Stephen when I saw the thumb

Gabriel Dufresne says:

do you have a stock i can buy that follow the price of ethereum like (gbtc ) for bitcoin ??

pyramus99 says:

And then it didn’t 😂

Keil Cassamo says:

Should o buy Ethereum??

Nikhil Tandon says:

Proof of stake also means that the “old guys” in the Etherium system will be able to get paid for mining, while new miners will find it difficult since POS prefers older accounts .. I guess old miners & holders of Etherium are trying to create a ‘“rental’ system so that they can keep getting richer. It’s like owning land by feudal lords.

FG 3600 says:

is this before or after cardano kills it?

Jamie McCarthy says:

Would love a Bull Run prep video!

Raymond Bull says:

Merry Christmas My Crypto Families. My advice would be not to depend on just your Payday this forthcoming year. One should have a passive income also. In a few years to come people will be kicking themselves in regret if they miss this opportunity of buying and Investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies ✅

hendrikdewaal says:

Good clever sharp South African accent 💪🇿🇦😂

Deathhiko says:

At this level, BTC is more likely to surpass 100k easily considering we are not even entering 2021 yet.
I think 10k for ETH is an easy target seeing the historical price action.

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