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MMCrypto says:

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aj777 jo777 says:

Are all crypto youtubers in a sausage jockey cult?

Pauli M says:

Chris said something about Utterly butterly?

Michael M says:

This guy indeed moonboy

Dmol Irl says:

My two favorite crypto experts in one video. Not only are you helping me make money but halving the time it takes to do so!

kamaljeet singh arneja says:

Hey Buddy, Kamaljeet here from Dubai. A big warm hearted welcome to Dubai, ur doing a Great job.
But please mention trading targets, stop loss and when to enter a specific trade all very clearly bro.
As u always mention if this daily candle close above this point I'll enter a trade..
I'm a beginner, I don't know what is a time frame of daily close.
Please mention this specifically as per Dubai time in ur next video.
Many many Thanks for your channel.

Anatoliy Shyrokiy says:

Bitcoin cash to the moon 🌙🌙🚀🚀!!

George Z says:

Guys , fiat is still important unfortunately… Some of us still have to pay off loans in fiat, mortgages in fiat, credit cards in fiat, buy bread and butter in fiat. I am grateful for your channels and hopeful that a bit of planning with crypto will lead to financial freedom, Cheers.

Pablo Vite says:

Fees have going very low from Eth I was paying 4 or 3 more times 2 month ago ! Maybe 5.000 ! soon

Kim F. says:

Thanks guys. It is fantastic that you are working together like this 👍❤

Crypto Bex says:

U guys must be heavy invested in ETH. People, don't let go of your BTC. Hodl for life

V says:

If you guys want realistic price targets for ETH, listen to blockchain backer. These videos are all hype.

Stephanie Matthews says:

Ahhhhh! Two of the loveliest! Great to see a video of you both 🥰

Tammy Lee says:

Glory be to God!🇺🇸🐱💚🐬

Abdul Majid says:

You guys in my holiday stomping ground!!! Need to be in Dubai again.

Sharekh Kazi says:

Thanks for sharing your trade yesterday!

Driver Dan says:


alexander monteiro says:

500k maybe in 10 years

Galactic Resonance says:

Thanks for the nice discussion chris.

la hombre muchacho says:

Just hold BTC and ETH

Lakshya Patle says:

Happy to see you both at one place . Wish for u both always healthy & welthi

Abel Sanchez says:

I love the predictions.


Great Video guys!!

Charly SuperG says:

BTC is like a goods here in Canada, for how long? You'r welcome. Quebec rule!

Warlordy says:

Why so bearish?

Martin Senuy says:

Can we split bewteen expectators? Not discrimination at all but doesnt make sense. I love Carl but he gets space too late.

Roger 79 says:

Take profit??? In bitcoin!!!! 😂

ETH Kramp says:

I believe in Ethereum! Amazing video as always. Keep it up, Bro!

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