Ethereum: Will the ETH/BTC ratio recover in Q1?

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The Ethereum valuation against Bitcoin continues to get hammered. Will the ETH/BTC find a bottom around the 20 month moving average? Or will we trend lower, implying a continued highly volatile Bitcoin? In this video, we discuss that while we all want and expect to see a Q1 move of the ETH/BTC ratio, it will ultimately come down to whether or not Bitcoin volatility cools off by that time. Do you think the ETH/BTC valuation will recover in Q1? Let me know what you think in the comments below!



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Jakob says:

Hello! I find you THE best TA on Youtube. What is your current occupation?

Jakob says:

Hello! I find you THE best TA on Youtube. What is your current occupation?

Hallam Hope says:

Thanks. I am trying to understand ETH. Sorry I can pay for your premium service but you will get likes and I am already subscribed. Hallam in always sunny Barbados.

esfernis says:

Sell your eth now…get bitcoin

Rick Maassen says:

It is breaking down from the rising wedge started in Sept 2019, breaking market structure. The measured move is .016 which would give it a double bottom. Also if you zoom out, it is on its Wave C correction.

Metal Bum says:


titi Ju says:

Wich mean BTC is going up because ETHER put BTC under pressure

Ralph Herrera says:

Too much ETC not enough demand. A lot of platforms that use it dump it to raise cash for themselves

What Next Kai says:

5:51, mother of all barts?! 😆

Will Holliday says:

When just compare alts to btc i swear nearly all of them look like a double peak bubble. Is this a marker for alts to short or does this mean btc is gonna go extremely long?


Is it a good price to buy eth

Dominique de Graaff says:

Now analyse january to december 2017. Because Bitcoin rallied… pushing for higher prices. But Eth did it better….

Nice2347 says:

Big mistake holding alt coins. I’m so disappointed in myself. I knew better.

Kevin Kristiansson says:

sheldon cooper

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