EVERY Coinlist ICO Ranked on Price!!!!!

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I went through every Coinlist ICO over the past 4 years and compared the price of each one in order to see how many made a profit and what those gains are today. I also looked at some Pre-Sales that took place on the site.

Not financial advice, just our opinion based on all the evidence.

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Slavic Viking says:

Fantastic content man!!!
Good work as usual 👏
Glad I found your channel.

Scarlett Montilla says:

Great video! I learn a lot from you guys! One thing to add… I think FIL is even better than you gave credit for. Just like Casper there were multiple prices of their ICO (which $5 was the highest) many users bought at $3 or even $2… not exactly sure how you would average it out… 🙂

Nathan Asgill says:

Great stuff guys

ja zi says:

Terra Luna 🔥🙌

SiCKBOY says:

Awesome video ❤️

Gavin Harper says:

Where do you think Centrifuge will end up falling on this list?

David Galera says:

If you have to pick one of these and hold for 5 years, which would it be?

Cristiano Ventricelli says:

great video! It would be great to see how market environment has affected such performance (e.g. Covalent got listed in the aftermath of BTC going down to 28k)

Crime Master Gogo says:

Thanks man. You guys are awesome.

jankincl2 says:

Great video! It would be interesting to see what’s the average return, if you would manage to invest the same amount into all of the ICOs…

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