Explosive ETHEREUM Prediction 2021 (Pay Attention To THIS Date)

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My Ethereum prediction says that ETH is going to absolutely explode and make more millionaires than any other coin over the next bull run. It’s time to wake up. Bitcoin Maximalists are DEAD. ETH was the best investment of 2020 and will be the best investment of 2021… at least until it hits one key price point which I will show you today. But the question remains, when will Ethereum hit all-time highs? And by the time the dust settles, where will the price of Ethereum peak?

In this video, I will tell you when to sell Ethereum as I provide you with my BEST Ethereum target price. I’ll even tell you the EXACT date we can expect this target price to hit. The previous all-time high for Ethereum is $1448. As institutional investing takes hold of ETH and rises its price, is it too late to hop on and ride it to the moon? Find out when your last chance to buy ETH is.

00:00 Intro
01:28 BTC and ETH
02:37 Why Ben changed his prediction
05:40 Last best chance to get ETH
07:13 How high ETH will go?

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BitBoy Crypto says:

Scammers are getting much worse guys. They are now using my name and logo in comments to trick you. DO NOT EVER send money to someone from the comments or DMS. They are scammers 100%. I do not have anyone who trades for me and manages others money. Be careful!

V M says:

But thing is ETH supply is infinite

Random Shit says:

So when it hits its ATH do we cashout and buy again or HODL till mid october ish

dutchspawn86 says:

As a starter it is dificult to get any etherium bought with euro's. Any have a good site or is generous to send etherium. PM me please

Ndawyn Traveller says:

Seeing your video, I took my saving to buy ETHEREUM, hopefully will be bullish, otherwise, I WILL CUT YOUR BEARD OFF!

Joeyshortstack says:

If you had to make one, what is your price prediction for 2030? Just curious lol

Crypto Oracle says:

streamr data to moon

Steven Longworth says:

27k is ridiculous, no way is it going to hit that this year

B C says:

I’m with you love that ETH and HEX !!

tiny718 says:

Wish I was your relative 😢😂

The Creative Intent says:

I'm not feeling the outfit today:)

young mystery says:

ETH and Ltc are next when they run out of BTC

About Time says:

"On this cycle" Does that mean "this year"? Or what ?

Camilo Salvador says:

So escorts are accepting ETH now? Wow that's bullish.

craig mossinger says:

Does anybody have direct link to the discord? All the current posted links are expired.

Daniel Womack says:

Wow you're great thank you! One thing I don't quite grasp tho is if ETH is gonna blow up to 27K then why is it the "best investment of 2021" until one key price point of $1400?

Abu Abu says:

Same guy that said he sold his ETH 😅😂

Maxime Martin-Perez says:

Let's go to the moon !!! SXP VRA DIA

menno slikboer says:

i set my stock to Eth so yea i think it will grow on dubble i will be happy with 18K 🙂

Rogennie Dominguez says:

hummm hope you are right!

Carmen Fabery Rodriguez says:

Bitcoin closes 2020 as best performing asset of the last decade,I didn't know how valuable what I had in my wallet was until I ran into luck meeting Jason McCallister of Crypto Tribes Men because of how much his strataegy and da!ly s!gnals have been of benefit to me, I would still advice people to buy at this price and also achieve more with the little you hold so as to build as very strong portfolio ahead of the New Year market.

thousandaire radio says:

I"m getting tired of being excited and making money every day. I cant wait till October.

MXC says:

eth is healthy wealthy wise!!!

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