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A man, who predicted and warned the Crisis of 2007-08 in 2005 while being a Chief Economist at International Monetary Fund (IMF), has something to say on Cryptocurrencies.

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AJsMixx says:

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Susan Monosky says:

It's a bit of a surprise to see someone else that knows Ms Ruth Lockhart here. I just got a house in New Delhi through my investments with her

Mangesh Burange says:

He looks looks like a strict teacher

Sergio martinez says:

1:29 hola re lindo video me encanto aguardo por el nuevo material me voy les mando besis gracias

Marett Jemison says:

Reach mashhacker on Instagram he helped me with 15BTC today

Rush Waa says:

The fact is Digital currencies are challenging the very existence of central banks like RBI…..you are afraid of this…🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

trade wizard says:

I dont agree with some of his points..but his open mindedness blew my mind!!
he is the only one to even give it a benefit of doubt by actually pointing out the nuance of the tech..Its like asking a taxi company about uber…but inthis case the taxi company said there is chance of it being something..that takes real unbiased character to say

Cheer Up says:

if iluminati decides to run the world with paper currency then world must /should use paper currency if ilumati decides to run or rule the world with cryptocoins then that is fate

nuha vlogs says:

Very informative video…

Syeda Tabassum says:

The value of fiat comes from gold reserves held by the central banks. The value of crypto comes from the faith and trust people have in the system. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Wasimakram Binnal says:

I have met him, he is truly approachable and down to earth. There is a lot we can learn from him.

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