GREATEST Crypto Investing Opportunity of a Generation (Teeka Tiwari DeFi Breakdown)

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Today I got to sit down with one of crypto’s most well-known players Teeka Tiwari. He’s known for his report Five Coins to $5 Million. He’s going to explain why he still believes in cryptocurrency.

0:00 Intro
1:21 Interview
2:25 Why HODL?
9:20 DeFi vs Traditional Banking
11:32 Role at
15:04 The Future of Defi

18:51 Palm Beach Research Group

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BitBoy Crypto says:

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Medusanode says:

TOP Interview!!

Alfred Jenkins says:

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Andy Halko says:

Great interview

Theo Matolo says:

Best interview I Iove the energy in this guy

Dave Jones 101 says:

Best Show yet 👏

keamr says:

Good chat 👍

Walyn Management Group says:

This is an excellent video!!! Thank you

Derek Moravitz says:

Bitboy and coin bureau fight. My money is on Bitboy

Chris MacFarlane says:

Well worth a watch. Great insight and reasoning. 👍

Sahak Dulguerian says:

Teeka got me into Chainlink when it was under $4, he's the real deal!

Diego Macias says:

Hi Ben! If you have a chance could you please recommend some books, research, whitepapers, and even dissertations related to De-fi? I am very interested on it.

Siva Raj says:

Teeka's experience speaks for himself.. Awesome

Timothy says:

Good to hear an OG about banks/finance/macro stuff.

Finance Direct QLD says:

Great message from Teeka. Thanks for getting him on Ben.

Tsar D.P. says:

One of the best interview 👌 I've ever watched

Kian Howe Yeo says:

A bit random but nice watch Teeka. Looks like a Nautilus my personal favourite.

ScentSational By Design says:

I remember when Teeka said Synthetics will make millionaires in 2021…that definitely didn’t age well.

Alpha Leonis says:

I saw a conversation with Teeka early 2020, and I was interested and signed up for the emails, but they were so much and came on so strong that it seemed like a big scam, so I unsubscribed. I got into crypto in November though and obviously I regret it, but just one of those things you learn over time.

Troy Mcmaster says:

Yes defi all the way.

CC Crypto says:

Love Big T
Have everything they offer at Palm Beach
Great information

michael lolesi says:

I have the utmost respect for Teeka Tawhari, after subscribing to his Palm beach group,got involved in Crypto in April 2020… With the Bitcoin halving approaching in May It was with his help I bought my first Bitcoin and Ethereum 🙌… Great interview Ben💯👌

Casey Skelton says:

IT'S ABOUT TIME YOU GOT TEEKA ON HERE!!! I'm a member of palm beach and watch bit boy almost daily. Best of both worlds! Good, sound, & quality all in one

Kris Butler says:

Good interview. Teeka's got great insights.

Frank Bishop says:

Teeka's style of investing in Crypto is the most stressless method. ie. Invest uniform small amount, in good Cryptos, early and go to sleep.

Sean Pierce says:

Awesome interview. The bullishness was oozing out of the video like a Michael Saylor rant!

CheezleJuiceTV says:

That was the best

Tim Aubin says:

the two of you together…great sources!!

apple2911 says:

Why don’t you ask him whether bull run is over

Seif B says:

Great stuff Teeka with the gems

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