How I Plan On Making $1,000,000 with Cryptocurrency (Axion better than Bitcoin?)

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In this video I share with you one of my most promising investments for 2021 and that is the Axion cryptocurrency. Set to outperform both Bitcoin and Ethereum in the next crypto bull market, it also functions as a high interest savings account on the blockchain.

Buy AXION Here (You’ll Get 10% Bonus Tokens):

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Sheldon Evans says:

SMASH UP THE LIKE BUTTON FRIENDS let's get this to 2K likes 😀

Buy AXION Here (You'll Get 10% Bonus Tokens):

Optimus Prime says:

I signed up at your advice but this is nonsense. It cost 1usd to send from my exchange to metamask then 7usd to send from eth to axn then 2usd to get approved for stake then 10usd to get staked then also when you finish your stake and remove your funds you have to pay for that as well. So If a person invested 100usd they would lose 20% just uploading the funds so not much of a savings account unless you just do one large transaction.

Ben Wright says:

How does it work in terms of generating the interest? Like 100% in 5 yrs sounds too good to be true?

David Jones says:

97 Billion tokens?

R D says:

Your videos are awesome

Juantastic says:

Hey! I just bought 0.5 etherium into axion but i didnt get it on my wallet!!! it takes time to have it in my wallet ones you have change it with uniswap?

SMGM says:

Interesting but HEX is a whole lotta fun!

Paul S. says:

There are definitely better interest rates in many other DeFi projects. Why to use Axion?

oblock chief says:

whenever i try to put a number of tokens to stake it automatically fills in "0" no matter what i put in. eventhough i have over a million axion. someone help

Марко Кристић says:

Axion is just a hex fork, he is either affiliated with them and is lying to his viewers or doesn't actually understand this project. It's just a pump and dump scheme. Do not buy axion. Do your research.

Wall Street Hamster says:

Im cautious on Axion. This message came up on CoinGeko:

"Kindly be aware that liquidity provided in Uniswap can be removed by providers at any moment (see rug pulling) and may result in a collapse in available liquidity. Please exercise caution when trading! This notice is NOT directed at any project in particular, and is more of a cautionary reminder for our users."

Ill sit and wait.

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