How the Senate is going to regulate cryptocurrency transactions

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William Quigly, co-founder of goCoin, joins The Exchange to discuss the Senate’s plan to regulate cryptocurrencies. How is the IRS going to figure out which transactions are happening and by who, Quigley asks. There are a lot of similar questions that have to be answered before Congress can successfully write a bill to regulate cryptocurrency. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

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Jose says:

Sorry, freeloading days are over.

Mariella Odonnell says:

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Vela Wela says:

Many people are talking about the Bill these days. Hope it will be fine. I invested in OGN and waiting for good news.

David E. Vogel says:

Brokers (PayPal for example) announced months ago that they will send an IRS form 1099B to crypto account holders for 2021 transactions. The writing is on the wall: you will pay income taxes on crypto gains.

dla says:

Yellen has received 7 million USD in the last 12 months for "speaker's" fees from a bank i think its CITI bank (so she works for that bank not the tax pyaers who "only" pay her $200k salary) and pocahontas is known to be very bright.. so when you realise who is behind this legislation the answer is clear why it sounds so stupid and detrimental to the industry. Banks will fight dirty battles through their corrupt politicians but of course you canno stop the tide and my advice to them to use their energy and resources to use this new technologies to their advantage and to adapt as the change is inevitable. Another really stupid thing on behalf of teh gov and senators is that they think that the industry will stay if you treat them like this.. of course not, they will move to another more friendlier jurisdictions like they did with China, its not a hard thing to do. therefore, the end result is not more but less tax and less inovations for america

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Emily Allan says:

Tether given air time? What a load of BS. This guy is the biggest scam artist in the world. Where is the money to back up the Tether coins? Complete an audit!

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