How to finance a start-up with an ICO

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Producing ultra-pure diamonds grown in a lab. That’s the core concept behind the EPFL spin-off LakeDiamond. Now the founders have figured out an innovative way of financing the next steps without losing control over their company.


Dileep Handore says:

Dear Mr.Pascal G.
Well done & nice project.In my view as you are physicist , insted of going to Diamond manufacturing,why don't you go for 'R.T. Supper conductors' production along with it;which having huge huge industrial application and multifold profit than that of the Diamond project & also it is the future of Quantum computers & cyber security application which shall beneficial for huge society rather than few million Angel investors.Hope you better understand it.Wish you best regards.

Dilip Handore
Mentor and HOD( R&D )
Sigma Wineries Pvt.Ltd.

Michael Pursley says:

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Imran Mazlan says:

great interview

Wick van Schalkwyk says:

Diamonds not hardest anymore..

Tony Denney says:

I love this operation I own 70 LKD it's small but I have to start somewhere!! 💷💳💸

Mathieu Cuvelier says:

Very inspiring!

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