I Am Buying This Crypto & So Is ARK and Cathie Wood Bitcoin Price Prediction And Ethereum's Price

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I Am Buying This Crypto And So Is ARK and Cathie Wood Bitcoin And Ethereum’s Future. Join our private community over at Patreon https://www.patreon.com/stockmoe to talk stocks that could grow your portfolio to new levels. I will have exclusive materials as we move forward and my own stock purchases and a brand new high growth portfolio that I am sharing with everyone. If you want to have a one on one person to help you, then this is a must for any serious investor. We just got our private Discord up and running as well.

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This is the best crypto to buy now. This is dealing with the Bitcoin run up with the Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash with Litecoin as well. The future is cryptocurrency and we need to be ready to invest in it and take advantage of the price increases. The ARK invest stocks are solid as well.

Ark is buying GBTC and this shows you that the big investing companies are starting to take advantage of the run up in price. The better part of this story is that Ark has been in Bitcoin for years and Cathie Wood can see Bitcoin possibly hitting 400k two 500k if everything goes right with Bitcoin being accepted and picked up by investors around the world. I can see this happening as well in under the next 10 years. You can see the run up in prices from investors starting to get into Bitcoin now. I do see good things for the Bitcoin price prediction and going into 2021 should see new highs for crypto in general.

Ark Invest Cathie Wood believes in Bitcoin and so do a lot of big investors out there. I did discuss the Yale article about having a certain amount of your portfolio invested in crypto to add some diversity to it. I do like what I am seeing and can see crypto like Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin doing much better with the increase in Bitcoin.

Tesla stock price was used to compare the amount of Bitcoin in the world to the Tesla market cap. It is amazing that Tesla is worth a bit more than all the Bitcoin in the world. I can see Tesla stock moving higher through the years up into the trillion dollar range. I do see the Bitcoin market cap also moving into the trillion dollar range in the next 3-5 years. The ARKW ETF is solid. The ARK investment stocks are good as well. I can see the bitcoin price prediction going to 500,000 dollars in the next decade. I would think that the GBTC would be ARK invest top stocks or the top stocks to buy now. I can see the Bitcoin price being close the Tesla stock price in terms of market cap.

If you are going to invest in Bitcoin and hold it for a long time, I do think you will be okay. ARKW is an interesting fund to look at as well for this. Cathie Woods top stocks should include GBTC, but I am not positive what she would put in there. Best stocks to buy 2021 will include Tesla stock price and GBTC for Bitcoin exposure. I would say that those two would be ARK Invest top stocks if I had to guess. My Bitcoin price prediction is 500k by the end of 2030. That is a great gain for a decade of waiting. To me, these are the top stocks now to consider. The best stocks to buy now should be in growing industries. GBTC stock gives us that possibility. To buy Bitcoin is to invest in the future. The ARK investment stocks have GBTC and that says a lot about it. It is a well managed ETF and I believe in their direction. Now I just need to be able to interview Cathie Wood for the channel.

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Ian moore says:

Thankyou stock moe I watch all the time. My question is why doesn’t anyone talk about dogecoin? It has tripled in 2 days.

BlackJacket says:

I've been tell ya,…GBTC, ETHE, and this election is NOT over. Have your cash ready ladies. You are very welcome.

Ruben 773505 says:



POLKADOT a coin done with many real projects by Dr. Gavin James Wood, co-founder of Bitcoin's biggest rival, Ethereum, is having success with POLKADOT (DOT) COIN

Drunk Poets Society says:

👋 Hey Moe, I have invested to XRP what you think 🤔?

Sicario Gamer says:

7007 car sales for NIO in Q4. NIO stock will go crazy tomorrow

Bob S says:

How do you buy GBTC?

AJ R says:

NIO delivered 7,007 vehicles in December 2020, setting a new monthly record representing a strong 121.0% year-over-year growth.

Andres Rocha says:

GBTC is not in the OTC market. Why?

Master Imperium says:

How do you feel about transaction speeds and costs??

derek scanlon says:

Over 7000 deliveries for December

Mark Bradshaw says:

Own a ton of riot in single figures

Hector Tatz says:

Moe, please talk about DOGECOIN brother! You can help us spread the word. Rumor is that ethereum and DOGECOIN are going to create DOGETHEREUM bridge. Please talk about it. It went from $0.00467 to $0.01 yesterday! Its real! 1.5 billion MC.

Dariusz Gniadek says:

Moe😎one sentence on IVR. What do you think please🤔You are master🙏

Will Davo says:

3.26 video start

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