I Bought 3 Avalanche AVAX Today! I'll Be A Crypto Millionaire Soon!

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Cryptocurrency investors you will love hearing why I Bought 3 Avalanche AVAX Today and I’ll Be A Crypto Millionaire Soon!

AVAX Validator delegation and staking rewards

AVAX Amazon Partnership via AWS

Amazon NFT plans

Avalanche Loco India partnership

AVAX GREE Japan Gaming Partners


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Crypto https://www.youtube.com/@jerrybanfieldcrypto
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Business https://www.youtube.com/@jerrybanfieldbusiness
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My Cryptocurrency Portfolio:
0.51 Ethereum ETH https://youtu.be/xbDARJ7TI9Y
0.035 BTC Bitcoin https://youtu.be/NemQtIaiGEc
66 Internet Computer Protocol ICP https://youtu.be/w37s4Dth6x8
7128 HELLO https://youtu.be/oUjf8MiKC-g
596 Cardano ADA https://youtu.be/w0HXV9kB-lQ
559 XRP https://youtu.be/FoPGIt48JAs
15.3 Decentralized Social DESO https://youtu.be/os3t2vX73Po
5 Solana SOL
106 Polygon MATIC https://youtu.be/Zs1riPs7DVI
45 Near Protocol NEAR https://youtu.be/6zaIeBXoVNw
3 Avalanche AVAX
61,471 Dogechain DC https://youtu.be/qSH7HomBZHI
2,100 Cypherium CPH https://youtu.be/E7zMTZPZOjg
1,314 Hedera HBAR https://youtu.be/isjs-aUFp5s
121 ImmutableX IMX https://youtu.be/WjNRDPnfRIw
282 Basic Attention Token BAT https://youtu.be/GhPZm1HTpOM
0.2 Binance BNB https://youtu.be/E_zijxb3kzE
696 Dogecoin DOGE
258 Algorand ALGO https://youtu.be/e4dCQUauCCg
205 DexTools DEXT https://youtu.be/0cKRardhL1w
10 Aptos APT https://youtu.be/w1t-LO7hJoc
142 Moonbeam GLMR
10,185.91 BLURT https://youtu.be/OvG4zZRqwR8
9396 JasmyCoin Jasmy https://youtu.be/QwEfuZLOqoc
8 Filecoin FIL https://youtu.be/xwvhOdYXfz0
4 Cosmos ATOM
5450 SundaeSwap SUNDAE https://youtu.be/uoArzgpGAMo
658 Cronos CRO https://youtu.be/eUr7U0yk1f8
7.68 Chainlink LINK https://youtu.be/sQ8werVRM0I
538 Stellar XLM https://youtu.be/n3W_c7F3XzM
119 Fantom FTM https://youtu.be/FX3emqDp9f4
1138 DTUBE https://youtu.be/olH-3amLgeo
796 Tron TRX https://youtu.be/GRLCLSkMFNE
3179 LBRY Credits LBC https://youtu.be/RNl3CY1E2GI
69 Decentraland MANA https://youtu.be/GPM5qHTdNYI
41 Tezos XTZ https://youtu.be/RzYZeg8Vkuo
2033 VeChain VET https://youtu.be/f45kW-VQZiA
1009 Gala Games GALA https://youtu.be/MYiVUiYxpRc
3637691 Shiba Inu https://youtu.be/aqMi6gCpiNw
3152542777 InPulseX IPX https://youtu.be/UbcK8BJkrDw
49,339,046 XEN Crypto https://youtu.be/1VjSQkTPeDs
15599154 Affinity AFNTY https://youtu.be/VnvsGk-Ooxg
1 MultiversX EGLD https://youtu.be/w26qo7qx-5g
1.58 OKC Token OKT https://youtu.be/n4cbT2gzv9Q
203 GODS Unchained https://youtu.be/WXdJV2Zwa3Q
.4 Quant QNT https://youtu.be/Kb19muL9yow

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Crypto Exchanges I Use With Referral Rewards
Coinbase https://coinbase.com/join/BANFIELD?src=referral-link
Binance https://www.binance.us/register?ref=58968334
KuCoin https://www.kucoin.com/ucenter/signup?rcode=rPUNCNX
MEXC https://www.mexc.com/register?inviteCode=1NpWP
Uphold https://wallet.uphold.com/signup?referral=cbc989bd5b
Crypto.com https://crypto.com/app/sa5nethjn5
Ledger Hardware Wallet https://shop.ledger.com/?referral_code=5404ZWK0J7JE5

BIO: I am a YouTuber who has earned $2+ million online, uploaded 10,000+ videos, received 60+ million views on my videos, published 14 audio books on Audible, uploaded 800+ podcast episodes on “The Jerry Banfield Show”, and released 78 songs as a musician on Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon music. I am a former top 10 Udemy instructor, Facebook partner, police officer, correction officer, and professional gamer. I was born in 1984, sober since 2014, married since 2012, parenting since 2015, and an entrepreneur online since 2011 with a master’s degree in criminology from the University of South Florida.

All of my videos are available with the Creative Commons Zero or CC0 license.

My crypto videos are educational material only and are not financial advice. Always do your own research before buying, holding, or selling your cryptocurrency!

Jerry Banfield in Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA
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Wellness Rediscovery says:

AVAX will definitely reach to $2k

Saif Qaplan says:

Hey Jerry is 90 AVAX is good

Jamie Corral says:

I lost over $40K when everything started to tank. Not because I was in an exchange that went belly up. I was just stupid to hold and because that's what everyone said. I'm still responsible. It just taught me to be a better investor now that I understand more of what could go wrong. It took me over two years of being in the market, I'm really grateful I find one source to recover my money, at least $9k profits weekly. Thanks so much Mrs Ann Elizabeth Messer.

Aliyu Malami says:

Mrs Jenna Brooklyn the bitcoin trader is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy.

💰 Easy $680 Per Day says:

Success is … knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potential, and sowing seeds that benefit others. ⋆John C. Maxwell

Mat Kool says:

Bitcoin = Digital Gold

Kaspa = Digital Silver

told u before 1 cent but not care

Quizer says:

Just bought 6…lets pray

Judy Henkel says:

I will forever be indebted to you Ms. dickson, you have changed my entire life. I will continue to preach on your name for the world to hear that you saved me from huge financial debt with just a small investment. Thank so much Harriet dickson

Abel Fumero Fernandez says:

Where can I get that spread sheet

Igojuju Samuel says:

Since I started making money on cryptocurrency I invested $7,000 and my profits are $25,850 every 11 days I never lost my money on crypto.

codecustard says:

Don't forget to take into account the "XEN Effect" when looking at address count. lol.

vertisch says:

Thanks<, for all you do! I like your truthful coverage. Mad respect for educating everyone. BTC's price has been fluctuating its ups and down lately, but I think we should be educating the newbies on what to do aside holding rather than discussing about the dip. The good thing about the space is that you can buy the dips and put them into active trades making profits from trades while confidently waiting for a pump in price because it is inevitable. Most people do not understand how the space works. Your advantage is understanding, Charts won’t guarantee what an asset is going to do. Prices will go up or down. Nevertheless, the market has been so profitable despite price ups and down. I've always played safe implementing trades with insights and signals from a renowned trader, Harris Sherman. I made 27 BTC from the recent crash in the market within a period of 3weeks.

crypto journey says:

Do you got opt

محمدرضا پور زر says:

Fabwelt 1000x
Axi killer

محمدرضا پور زر says:

Fabwelt 1000x

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