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This video is about the so called ‘alternate ending’ in Ico – just like the alternate ending myth in Shadow of the Colossus. In essence, the idea is you have to play the game eight times, saving at the last save point on each save file (at the main gate).

After doing this, the game will start with Ico holding the ‘Queen’s sword’ – that is, Ico will start a new game with a powerful weapon that we only get at the very end of the game – this is total ‘bullshit’!

This should raise alarm bells! It’s asking us to do the most amount of work possible for an ‘unseen’ ending. Note: There has never been any video or image evidence of this ‘so called’ alternate ending in Ico since the game was released in 2001.

Also, it makes no sense that the game would end at the 2nd main gate cutscene – where Yorda opens the gates. There is still the third act to play, where Ico makes his way through the underground water levels to return and fight the Queen.

If this ending is real, then the entire third act is superfluous!

Note: I made a narrated (test) video of this video…


AKIRA says:

I don't think I could ever forget a game like ico or SOTC these are the definition of brilliant games there is no other game for me that can compete for these

Mr Doot says:

Brand new weapon of 2019 mace sword!

crow says:

ok but that whole scene is present in the game and results in nothing?

Meta Tron says:

This rumored ending had always struck me as wishful thinking, but I wasn’t sure. Good to have closure.

Rouvb says:

it is my childhood dream..

Link Hero says:

It was pretty obvious that it was bs because they said it might not work for every version lol that would a have saved you hours.

Evanski says:

What if you noclip through the gate?

Loremaster Dasmodeus says:

Note that the Queen's Sword is empty of power.

apollon says:

maybe u have to do like it says and play the game 8 times b4 it will work

Jack jorden says:

There is no Alternate ending its just wrong path 🙂

Kade Bass says:

Are you going to play The Last Guardian

Kami Lee says:

Anyone else notice Yorda's hair turned white in the gate opening cutscenes in the North American version, but was grey in the gameplay and bridge cutscene? That was weird. And it wasn't like that in the PAL one either.

Adonai says:

hey nomad what's exactly the means with which you hack the game?

KumoRocks says:

Weirdest castle ever
Pros: miles away
Cant get in from above unless both bridges are out
Impossible to get in

Can come from the water to get in
The queens room is oddly hidden
Part of the castle is strangely damaged and still being worked on
No workers
The gate rooms are on thier own rock of a island

Jay Bristowe says:

Are you gonna do the last guardian?

Sky Kang says:

Hey Nomad, I know this question's kind of irrelevant to this video, but I'm really curious. What exactly is the Shadow of the Colossus preview version? By preview version, I mean the one that has all 16 Colossi but still has a lot of features left from development (like the debug menu that lets you teleport to whatever colossus you want). Is it a disc? Is it playable on console? Do you know where it came from? I've had these questions for a while and figured if anyone can answer then it would be you. Update: I read your blog post about it, does that mean that the original disk was lost and the only way to play it is with an emulator?

lausonic11 says:

Entonces todo fue falso al final… que lastima, no puedo dormir tranquilo hasta que ICO tenga un final feliz.

Kelly West says:

Hey nomad can you send me that link again please?

Finn Whitmee says:

good work. Keep it up bro ; – )

Tim Madone says:

So, if you save at the gate on all save files & start a new game on the first save file, do you get the Queen's Sword when the cage Yorda is in drops to the ground? Or does the sword just appear in your hand once you break free of your tomb? I wouldn't mind playing the entire game using the Queens Sword even if it won't open those statues at the far side of the bridge. But I would hate to play through 9 games & not even get the sword.

Argus15 says:

hey nomad when you're playing ICO you gotta fill all 8 save slots with completed games to start off with the queen's sword, do you think the outcome would be different because you already had the sword or do you think it'd end up the same?

Helena Angelo says:

fumito ueda troll

scatlink sean says:

Those idol statues are not idol statues, they're a single wall textured to look like idol statues so they look the same but don't have the "Open with Mystic Power" coding. It's a literal trick.

raveyard says:

holy hell I remember this…back when myths in gaming were awesome and made us discuss and search anywhere.
the early days of internet were indeed great.

Nomad Colossus says:

Just realised that Ico 'does' drop the Queen's sword! I was mistaken saying he drops the mace or the regular sword when he topples off the bridge and holds on to the edge, it's only when he jumps back to Yorda that he drops the item he is carrying.

So I tested it and he does drop the Queen's sword, but the animation still shows the regular sword falling down into the ocean (not the Queen's sword).

Felix Velázquez says:

I can't watch the narrated version if I'm on mobile right? :c

Caylex says:


LucasPerdomo says:

But nomad, did you had the 8 save slots with a finished game? That could be the trigger. Since you can hack the game, just go to every save file, jump to the end of the game, then save, and test it again, please.

Ethan Cadle says:

thank you so much for doing this theory nomad, I really appreciate it

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