Ico HD Walkthrough/Gameplay PS3 #1

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Orpheus MOON says:

ICO languages like Poland

Mr Avocadoman says:

Let's be honest, the menu on the PS3 started in the most majestic way. A whole orchestra welcoming you. It is forever engraved in my head.

lightingboltzero says:

I remember playing the demo of this on ps2 and really liked it. I wish this was remake for Xbox one and ps4

yunariver says:

Great & creepy game back in the day… also, へっぉ in Japanese!! ✌😁

Benjamin Rojo says:

Que juegos tan malos

Roy Lonestar says:

Yes. Indeed.

Potato Boy says:

Remember this game made Miyazaki to make games.

Julian Hensley says:

Out of the Team Ico trilogy I find this one the most unsettling. Probably because of how the is put through these horrifying situations just for looking different.

Caty Ramirez says:

1:12:20 why yorda jump D:!!!!

Dr Manhattan says:

This is the best game of all times

Silver Foxy says:

This is such a charming little game I loved back in 2012 needed to play it again thought the ending is sad

That Lila says:

what a magical little game sad ending to

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