ICO PS3 All Cutscenes HD

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Bilbo Baggins says:

This game is dripping with atmosphere

Gabriel Lima says:

The Queen reminds me of the "Queen of the night" in Mozart's opera "The magic flute".

Claudia - says:

Stray thought: What if Ico is a reincarnation/Descendant of Wander? I mean all horned boys are but at the end of SOTC Emon says: "Maybe one day you will repent for your sins"

In Ico you defeat the Queen (possibly a part of Dormin/Mono) thus erasing Wanders mistake of reviving her. Furthermore Ico looses his horns, he's free of them.

Sickjuicy's Jam Shack says:

Needs PS5 remaster

jota says:

bridge scene hit me harder than most of the game of this gen. the magic of the minimalism of fumito ueda i guess

Jason Belstone says:

That Queen is One of the most evil mothers in video game history (assuming Kill La Kill isn't a game, yet).

Ben Jackson says:

I’d like to think York’s survives at the end based on her fingers moving upon Ico discovering her washed ashore.

Claudia - says:

Also do you think that maybe the Queen is Momo? And the reason why she can speak with ico is because she was from the same human race as him?

Claudia - says:

Okay but the English subtitles are kinda confusing. They should've left the option to have Runic subtitles.

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