Ico Retrospective

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If you haven’t played Ico then I highly recommend not watching this video. This video was written without an intended goal, I just wanted to write about this game. Please keep in mind it was not written to be a review, if anything it turned out more like a retrospective of sorts.

I hope to tackle Shadow of the Colossus in a similar fashion but I can’t make any promises.


Ati Sch Sea says:

Funny how this is 7 years old.

StalkersPicnic says:

This was spot on. 👍

Michael Phillips says:

Favorite ending to a youtube video period.

Henny DaWillow says:

Matt what is this PlayStation Tree you speak of?

MrReyes 500 says:

19:55 "After all, it's hard to think of a concept more simple or effective than a boy and a girl holding hands."

Little Nightmares 2's Six & Mono: Hold RT to hold hands.

James Hill says:

More than 18 years later… ICO is still one of the best gaming experiences I've had.

Jon Daye says:

There's a book written by Miyuki Miyabe called Ico: Castle in the Mist which is based on the game. She was given creative freedom by the creators for it. The book isn't canon, but I enjoyed her view and expansion on the story.

James Liu says:

I have just finally played it(curse the exclusives!). And my god was I blown away.

Maxine Finn Foxen says:

How about a girl and a girl holding hands? X3

Masterspongebat says:

I’m sure this game is fun but that is the most boring gameplay footage I think I’ve ever seen in my life.

mbx says:

Another moment of role reversal that stood out to me is when the bridge is separating and Yorda holds her hand out for you to jump and grab onto. Also, I like how the enemies push you around through the whole game, in an almost bullying type way, but in the big battle at the end they try to avoid you because of your sword.

Prof. Pineda Martin says:

Hi, i'm here un 2020, continuing my quest to watch every vídeo about team ICO on the internet. Thank You.

You Squidding Me? says:

I didn't even realize the combat "track" was music – I thought it was the noise from the shadow monsters/the hole they try to pull Yorda into.

milkman's wife says:

*or a boy and boy or a girl and a girl holding hands

David Lopez says:

Brilliant game

FurryMeatloaf says:

'Which, at worst, can result in death' So, no biggie.

Nick Elakon says:

Have you ever heard of the animated film angel's egg? It's a full length animated film with art by Yoshitaka Amano of final fantasy fame, and it has almost no dialogue. I honestly think under the right direction a film of Ico could be made and easily be of equal quality to the game.

Anurag RB26 says:

Imagine if he did this kind of video on something like Fortnite, just to take the piss.

Gareth Dowling says:

I found Ico pretty but boring

Culmacatrane says:

Bluepoint games need to remake ICO… someone needs to remake ICO!

Joey Curtis says:

On the play station tree. Yes

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