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A thematic analysis of Ico. If you have a question please ask below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If you disagree with my interpretation please be polite and state your case with examples. This is a learning experience for everyone and I am happy to be proven incorrect if that be the case. Thank you!

Last Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egh0aTewy9E

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fogiefrenz says:

she said thank you
I feel so dumb for not realizing this

Alexeagle82 says:

Just don’t be a simp like Wander lmao 😂

Arthur Ruiz Borin says:

This was very beautiful and caught the essence of many things, that was wonderful, thank you for that.

Strife Klaude says:


Magnus Johansen says:

Dyrus? Is that you? 😛

Kitty Kat says:

Are you going to do The Last Guardian? 😀

DanLuxe says:

Shadow of the colossus!

Evan Sunderland says:

Any interest in Virginia? Very Lynchian game, seems right up your alley. Would love to watch your analysis.

Joe Torres says:

I would really really love to see another video game preferably Destiny I think that would be a good

TheEagleOfLightAndNight says:

I like your way of speaking. Relaxing

Money Success Legacy says:

I double, triple and quadruple dare you to do Killer 7.

Fluffy HellHound says:

I would like to see you tackle Wolfenstein: The New Order one day.

joan the mad says:

favorite child hood game, oh gosh! <3

alakazam fam says:

got to tackle Dark Souls or Shadow of the Colossus one day.
this channel's idea has a lot of potential – subscribed
and spec ops the line lol

Andrés Fuentes Martínez says:

Do the Dark Knight trilogy! 🙂

jumpmancw says:

I just discovered your channel and I love the content! I'm sure your schedule is busy, but if you've seen Mr. Nobody, I would recommend that for a What it all Meant video. Keep up the good work!

Katie McKenna says:

Please do trainspotting. P.S I love your videos, please stay in the old format it rocks 😃

Jake Maringoni says:

American Beauty?

DanLuxe says:

Shadow of the Colossus!

Andreas Dominguez says:

Do There Will Be Blood! or The Master!

Lainey says:

do spec ops the line

foofoo01323 says:

do more games lol

Uday Sam says:

you should do Under the Skin

Derek E says:

Great video, thank you. I like game analysis as well as film. Keep up the good work!

Aurora Serph says:

I love your game analysis vids though! I don't know if you've played it, but Spec Ops: The Line seems like it'd make a great subject for you!

Redem10 says:

Just don't start killing giant monsters to bring your loved one back to life

Schmedly27 says:

Glad to see updates! 😉

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