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Bitcoin Harry Potter says:

While Bitcoin remains bullish on all higher time frames, it will likely retest the breakout level at $35,OOO over the weekend to form another higher low. Bitcoin would enter a bearish phase if it slumps below $3O,OOO, as this would form the first lower low since the rally began in early December. However, for the time being all momentum oscillators and technical indicators are pointing towards continuation to the upside, with price targets beginning to emerge around the psychological level of resistance at $5O,OOO. As long as the price continues to stay above these, the chances are that we will see higher highs for the Bitcoin price.  I will advise every investor to keep buying and accumulating, or better still if you want to make more profit with what you already have, get a Great Mentor and coach like mine to guide you through, I have made over 9Btc profit since the October Rally, not from buying at dips but from day trading, thanks to my mentor Dr Mike Laury, @mikelaurytrading on Telegram for always helping me stay ahead of this market, he’s also on whatsappp_+I(323)47I_38OO__ cheers .

S says:

I bought at 136. Is that good?

Sean Moran says:

Hodling and bought more at $125 – $140 range. This is the lowest it will ever be!

Joseph Compton says:

What site are you using for those charts ?

Dave Cruikshank says:

Thank you Chris for your very detailed & concise videos. I was blessed to buy my Litecoin on last Years big dip and bought from low $20’s-40.

Can any viewers share where you have an account that allows you to trade and have a trading platform with feed like Chris is showing? I used to trade Forex about 10 years ago and I’m familiar with a trading platform, Fibonacci guides etc. but for Crypto I just have bought Bitcoin& Litecoin on Coinbase. TIA, Dave

koban4max says:

Litecoin been on standstill for long time.

Problem Garage says:

Bought in at $143 missed the $125

Khoa Nguyen says:

Been HODL over 3yrs, just 7 more yrs to go..

d h says:

Thank you Chris im still holding
If anyone sees this comment today i just got threat email that they are gonna hurt my love ones if i don’t send $10,000 worth of bitcoin and eth.
Everyone be careful of scammers

Silisium Titan says:

If Litecoin somehow gains 10% on Bitcoin Im moving every bit of my ltc to btc. Nobody wants this low volume, almost unheard of little shitcoin. There is a reason why its creator sold everything at ath 3 years ago

Andrew Cortez says:

Thanks for the updates on LTC bro!!

Wayne Arndt says:

LTC to 1k in 2021!!!!

Isaiah Anderson says:

I think this is the beginning of a bigger correction(ABC). wave A should complete before the weekly close on Sunday. I’m thinking the 170-173 range will be the highest we’ll see before an insane drop again next week.

iHeartOiSkanks says:

Will LTC ever hit $10,000?

Diamond Emperor says:

Thank you. Please be giving updates ahead that will help alot thanks

Nicolas Houis says:

Bought $69 two months ago

Cris MIAMI says:

This will be higher tomorow after Biden stimulus

EastCoast Roots says:

Litecoin is trash we should be at 800 atleast. I still own it but its trash

Gunmetalblue says:

HODLing, but Did sell on the dip and bought back in to add more. Trying gain more coins through selling on highs and buying the dips

Tyler Marshall says:

holding bought 1 @ 180 CAD

ali S says:

Im holding and accumlating the dips till we get the paypal news went live it should happen in Q1 in 2021

OU8Agame says:

Can you show us how to set up a Stop Loss?

daniel rickerbaker says:

One fifty to 67 is not that high a move %wise, though I know some are saving 232 again. Very possible if the market catches fire., maybe new highs..I ll not say ltc is dead, that guy is gone till it goes down, with a new alias.

Turborewind says:

Bought a bit too early and now I'm chasing price. Im almost break even on this swing. Will hope and sell near two hundred though.

Josh Weiss says:

I like to hold in my Trezor. I was gonna go shopping tmro, because its also payday, but thats ok. I'm comfortable where I am since I missed it. For those of us who have fixed income or low income, don't buy what you can't afford and avoid variable interest debts. Only used fixed if you can. Don't buy what you can't afford.

Edward Nuno says:

Thank you again ..God bless

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