India to BAN Cryptocurrencies…

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shanmukh srikar says:

India c'mon ! This is too much of ban !

Harshvardhan says:

You cannot ban crypto bro

blitzkrieg singh says:

Whole india can't even buy 1 bitcoin 😂😂😂😂😂 gareeb as fuck …. Begging for ram mandir ha ha ha

Siddhant khanna says:

indian gov is full of illliterates.

Alan BHARAT says:

Anything without any control has a potential to be used against the very purpose for which it was designed and developed in the first place.
— A wise man

jashan preet says:

India is fucked up

Raushan Bharti says:

Good news in ban

Vishal pattar says:

These people trying to manage crypto currency on servers which they are being cooled using a table fan, these people need to understand their priorities.

jyoti sharma says:

Surprise he has still not touched the Jeff Bezos story….still

NikFPV says:

"Digital Currency" doesn't = Crypto Currency

Jason Spencer says:


Saturn says:

There will be more private coins like Monero which are impossible to track, and the government can't ban it as it's also decentralized. Not even the biggest, baddest government can stop people from using it.

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