Intense Bitcoin FOMO Setting In (Richest Whales Accumulating Crypto 2021)

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Jim Patel says:

Tooooooooooo ZERO

Jim Patel says:

Will crash big
10000 $
Then Zero

Chiefs World says:


mrgadge says:

Back Back Back! Good Man : ) : ) : )

Van S. says:

Let’s all work together to make YT obsolete.

Bwa Nana Buluku says:

well right now we can not buy XRP

chat master says:

We're not selling!!!

Broderick Hooker says:

They also speak Guaraní in Paraguay

Cole Hill says:

Has audio gotten quieter lately or am I going deaf

Michel says:

He’s back!

Craig Wadding says:

Bitboy vs YT Jail

stabilo703 says:

Talkin about that v word gotchu clipped 😷



You can’t drive without a Cardano says:

Let's stay this time around!! C'mon YouTube

MasterOfNone911 33 says:

BB is AWAKE! Not Woke! My boy!

Christian Ley says:

Ben is spreading truth

Scott Carpenter says:

Good to see y'all back…again…

Carl Wells says:

Go ben back on still spreading awareness about this though

Jesse Stream says:

Stay strong Ben.

Joe Josh says:

make back up channels

Kumar Asnani says:

@BitSquad Gang

James D says:

This is why we have to go somewhere else besides youtub. I freakin hate big tech overlords.

simon brayson says:

yes he's back
back again
Yes he's back
Yes he's back
Yes he's back……

Scott Ollerhead says:

Very entertaining weather man

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